Choosing or Changing Your Plan

What is a Plan?  All degree programs contain one or more Plans, which consist of a set of courses focusing on a particular subject.  Following their first year, all students in Arts and Science must be registered in one or more Plans, or they will be unable to participate in selection of classes.  As the subject one studies in university often determines future career options it is important to choose a Plan carefully.  More information on the various subjects available to study at Queen’s may be found at this link.

Students who are unfamiliar with the academic structure in the Faculty of Arts and Science should consult the Degree Programs in Arts and Science page before reviewing the information on these pages.  Access to Programs and Plans in the Faculty of Arts and Science is governed by Academic Regulation 2 of the Arts and Science calendar.

How do I select a Plan?  This depends on what kind of student you are:

I am a new student  in Arts and Science at Queen’s this academic year 

I am a first year Arts and Science student who needs to choose a Plan

I am an upper-year Arts and Science student who wants to change my Plan 

I want to transfer to or from Fine Art (Visual Art), Bachelor of Music, Physical Education or Kinesiology