Plan Selection for students entering second year - May 12 to 23

What is a Plan?  All degree programs contain one or more Plans, which consist of a set of courses focussing on a particular subject. 

As the subject one studies in university determines future career options and is usually the first step in life as an independent adult, it is important to choose a Plan carefully.  Information on the various subjects available to study at Queen’s may be found at this link.

Students who are unfamiliar with the academic structure in the Faculty of Arts and Science should consult the Degree Programs in Arts and Science page before reviewing the information on these pages.  Access to Programs and Plans in the Faculty of Arts and Science is governed by Academic Regulation 2 of the Academic Calendar.

Program/Plan Selection

May 12 to 23:  Students who will be entering 2nd year in the Fall must participate in the Plan Selection Process through the Student Centre in SOLUS.  Plan selection is not first-come.

NOTE:  Students who were admitted to the following programs do not participate in plan selection as they are already enrolled in a plan:  Bachelor of Fine Art, Bachelor Music; Bachelor of Physical and Health Education; or Bachelor of Science General or Specialization in Kinesiology.

If you need help navigating SOLUS please visit this link.

All plans in Arts and Science have minimum academic requirements that a student must satisfy in order to be admitted to that plan.  To view the thresholds for all plans in Arts and Science please visit:

Arts and Science Plan Thresholds

Each plan will have an automatic acceptance threshold and a pending list threshold. Once you have decided which plan you wish to pursue, access SOLUS to request that plan.  Be sure to enter your desired plan first.  When you enter your request one of three outcomes will occur:

Automatically Accepted;

Placed on a Pending (waiting) list; or

Refused Admission for that Plan;

View this easy-to-understand flowchart explaining the process.

Be sure to attend Information Sessions or obtain academic advice from the Departments.

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