Pending List

If you receive a message on SOLUS telling you that you have been placed on a pending list this means that your request will be manually reviewed by the department following the Plan Selection period (see below). In addition to being informed that you are on a pending list, SOLUS will also inform you that you must select an alternate plan that you can be automatically accepted to.

How do I know what plans I can be automatically accepted into?

There are a number of plans that are open to all students.  To find these plans please refer back to the Arts and Science Plan Thresholds

Can I be on more than one pending list?

No, students can only be on one pending list.  This means that if you choose another plan for which you are placed on the pending list, you will be removed from the first one. 

Plan selection ends on May 23.  If you do not participate in plan selection you run the risk of not getting into the plan of your choice.  It is critical that you are automatically accepted into a plan before the Plan selection period ends.  Otherwise, you will not be able to register in your classes in July.



Pending list evaluation:  May 26 to June 6

Following the Plan Selection process on SOLUS, departmental administrators will manually review all students on their pending lists.  If a department accepts you from their pending list, your plan will be changed immediately.

Example:  Karen wants to pursue a major plan in History.  When she enters her request on SOLUS she is told she is on a pending list and must select an alternate plan.  Karen reviews the plan thresholds and decides that her alternate plan is a major in Gender Studies.  Karen meets the automatic acceptance for the major in Gender Studies and is placed in that plan.

Following plan selection, the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in history reviews her pending list request and accepts Karen into the major in history.  Karen's plan is immediately changed from the major in Gender Studies to the major in History. The next time that Karen accesses SOLUS she will see this change.

REMEMBER:  Departments will be reviewing their pending lists until June 6th so you may not see a change to your plan until after that date.

Automatic Acceptance

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