What it takes to get accepted to a Plan

***Please note, that these academic thresholds are for students applying to plans from first-year going into second year.  They are not applicable to upper-year students wishing to change their plan.  All upper-year student change of plan requests are pending departmental approval which may or may not reflect the thresholds below.***

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The PDF links found on the following pages indicate the minimum academic requirements to be automatically accepted or placed on a pending list for every available Plan in Arts and Science.  All requirements include a minimum GPA and/or a minimum grade in a single course.  If a course number is labelled with a #, this denotes a “wildcard”, and any course number is acceptable.  For example, PHYS 1## indicates that any of PHYS 104, PHYS106 or PHYS117 are acceptable. 

Some Plans have other minimum prerequisite standards that must be met before a student can access second year courses. These are indicated in the “Notes” section of the tables. While the SOLUS system may accept a student into the Plan, if they do not hold the correct prerequisites they may not be able to complete the degree within the usual timeframe, and may be at a significant academic disadvantage in upper year courses.

Art History




Classical Studies





Environmental Studies

Environmental Science

Film and Media Studies

French Studies

Gender Studies



Global Development Studies

Health Studies


Jewish Studies

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Life Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics




Political Studies


Religious Studies


Stage and Screen Studies