Course Selection: Fall and Winter Terms

Course Planning:

If you are unsure what courses you need to take in order to fulfill your degree requirements, run your Academic Requirements Report.  Click here for more information.

June 15:  Clear all outstanding debts to the University

Check your Finances in the SOLUS Student Centre to ensure that you do not have any outstanding debts.  You will not be able to enrol in classes unless your debts are cleared.

June 23:  Class Timetable available on SOLUS

The class timetable lists all of the classes that will be offered in the Fall and Winter Terms along with the class meeting times.  Not every course listed in the Arts and Science Calendar is offered every year so be sure to check the timetable.  Once you know which classes you want to take, add them to your shopping cart beginning on July 2.

July 2:  View your Enrollment Appointment Time in SOLUS

All students are given an Enrollment Appointment Time to begin enrolling in classes.  Enrollment Appointment Times are randomly generated according to your level at the University.  Enrollment Appointment Times cannot be changed.

July 2:  Begin loading courses into your shopping cart

HINT:  Before leaving your shopping cart be sure to click the Validate button.  This will check to see that you meet the requirements (prerequisites, etc.) for the classes that you have chosen.  It will also check to make sure that you do not have any timetable conflicts.  If you need an override on a class you must contact the department offering the class to obtain a permission number.

July 14 to 27:  Finish Enrolling in your classes in SOLUS

When your Enrollment Appointment Time begins, access the SOLUS Student Centre to Finish Enrolling in your classes.  If there is space available in the classes that you have selected you will enrolled in those classes. 

You are not enrolled in your classes until you complete this step!

July 28 to August 1:  Enrollment Restrictions are removed from courses

Some departments may put restrictions on classes in order to ensure that the students who need those classes receive priority.  Beginning at 12:01 am on July 28, those restrictions will be removed from classes.  If you were unable to add a class due to an enrolment restriction, this may be your chance to add that class.

An option to be added to a Wait List for a class that is full is available on a select number of 2014-15 Fall and Winter Term classes. The list of classes with a Wait List, and a Wait List FAQ can be found here.

September 1:  Full tuition payment is due

Access your student financial information in the SOLUS Student Centre to view your tuition payment.  Full tuition is due on September 1st.  For information on tuition payment methods please visit the Office of the University Registrar

September 3:  Open Enrollment Begins

Open enrollment (formerly known as Add/Drop) begins on September 3rd.  During open enrollment you may make changes to your classes provided you have paid your tuition in full.

Financial Drop Deadlines

The financial deadline is the final date to drop a course and receive a full tuition refund. Should you drop a course after the financial deadline but before the academic deadline, you may receive a partial tuition refund. Any refund will be credited back to your student account. Refund cheques can be requested through the Office of the University Registrar. For more information, see

Please NOTE    International Students are no longer required to pre-register in UHIP during this timeframe.  Your UHIP enrolment will occur automatically based on your registration with Queen’s and the UHIP fee for single coverage will be applied directly to your SOLUS account.  If you have dependents (spouse or children) residing with you in Ontario, then you must visit the International Centre to include these members on your UHIP plan within the first 30 days or a $ 500 penalty will apply.