Second Degree Programs

What is it?

The Second Degree Program allows the holder of an undergraduate degree from Queen’s or from another university to complete a second undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science, subject to the Arts and Science either on-campus or through distance studies. This Program is subject to the Faculty of Arts and Science Second Degree Regulation that conform to Queen’s University Senate’s Policy on Second Degrees.

How it works?

Two requirements must each be met for a student to pursue a Second Degree. First, the desired second degree Plan must have capacity to accept students. Second, the combination of the first and second degree Plans must be academically viable, meaning the two degree Plans are significantly different.

Applicants must apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) for admission to on-campus study to the Faculty of Arts and Science.  See Undergraduate Admission for more details. Applicants must meet the Faculty minimums and satisfy appropriate departmental criteria that may exceed these minimums. Enrollment limitations or lack of prerequisites may result in the denial of an admission. 

Applicants may apply through Continuing and Distance Studies for admission to Distance Studies. Students admitted to Distance Studies are limited to distance courses and distance degree Plans. See Continuing and Distance Studies for more details.

What’s possible?

Learn more about what's possible in second degree Plans for on-campus or distance study.