Combined Degree Programs in Geography (BAH/MA or BSCH/MSC)

The Department of Geography and Planning is very excited to offer combined degree programs (BScH/MSc or BAH/MA) in Geography. This program offers an opportunity for Geography undergraduate students entering their fourth year of study with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher in their Geography undergraduate courses to take up to two courses in Geography and Planning at the graduate level, which would allow them to enter the graduate program in Geography with advanced standing. Furthermore, any research undertaken in a 4th year thesis project could provide a foundation for graduate work, although this work cannot be duplicated for the MA/MSc thesis. This path should provide students the opportunity to shorten their Master's program by one term. The combined degree program is open only to undergraduate students who have declared Geography as a major. 

Admission Steps

Students will have the option to apply for admission to the combined program (permission to take graduate-level courses) in the winter term of the 3rd year or by the end of the add/drop period in the fall of the 4th year. All applications will be reviewed by the Geography Undergraduate Associate Head and the Geography Graduate Associate Head. 

If accepted into the combined program, in Year 4 of the BAH or BScH program students will be permitted to take up to two 3.0 credit unit graduate-level courses in Geography and Planning (or other departments with permission of the Graduate Committee in Geography and Planning) for a maximum of 6 credit units towards the 15 credit units required for the MA or MSc degree in Geography as long as a grade of B+ or above is obtained in the courses. It is the student's responsibility to gain admission to these graduate courses following acceptance into the combined degree program - permission of the instructor is required. These courses will also be counted as electives towards completion of the degree requirements in the Undergraduate Honours program according to the criteria for that program. Only 1 of these courses may be a combined undergraduate/graduate (400/800) level course. The second (and all subsequent) graduate courses must be graduate only (800 level). 

For admission to the MA or MSc program in Geography with advanced standing, students will be expected to complete the standard School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (SGSPA) application process before January 31 of their 4th year, and have an overall GPA of 3.7 or higher in the final 2 years of their undergraduate program. In order for the student to be granted advanced standing in the MA or MSc degree program, they must have received a final grade of at least B+ in the graduate course{s) taken during the 4th year and meet all other requirements for admission to the Master's program in Geography. Students will typically be expected to start their Master's program in the September following completion of their undergraduate degree, but a May start date may be possible and can be discussed. 

Application Process 

Students should apply to the combined degree program in writing by submitting a letter of application (one page, including statement of academic goals) to the Geography Undergraduate Assistant Sharon Mohammed ( and the Graduate Programs Coordinator Kristina Fennell (, including a resume, transcript, and indication of potential graduate course(s) the student intends to take during the fourth year of their undergraduate program. Application for admission to the Geography Graduate Program occurs before the deadline of January 31 of the 4th year of undergraduate study, and follows the standard procedure for application to the School of Graduate Studies. These combined programs offer the opportunity for students to complete a Master's degree in a more timely manner.