What's Possible?

Plan Availability

On-campus and Distance degree Plans with capacity to accept Second Degree applicants for the 2014-2015 academic year are listed below. If a degree Plan is not listed, it is at capacity and cannot accept Second Degree applicants. Degree Plans with limited space (5-10 spots) are in BOLD. Programs with higher than standard admission averages are in italics. Distance degree Plans and 3-year degrees are listed in Red. Students admitted to Distance Studies are limited to distance courses and distance degree Plans.

To inquire about specific admission requirements, contact Undergraduate Admission for on-campus admission and Continuing and Distance Studies for distance campus admission.

Humanities Social Sciences     Creative
Physical & Mathematical
Natural & Life Sciences
Art History Cognitive Sciences Music
Biomedical Computing
Classical Studies Economics
English Language & Literature (3-year Degree)*
Gender Studies  Computing
French Studies Geography  Computing and Mathematics

(3-year degree)*
German Studies*

 History (honours degree on-campus)

History (3-year degree)*

Indigenous Studies*

 Mathematical Physics
 Software Design
  Jewish Studies*
  Medieval Studies*
Religious Studies    
Spanish & Latin American Studies*    
World Languages*    

*   reflects Plans that are offered only as 3-year General Degree Plans.

Academic Viability

The links below provide charts of second degree combinations.  The first column lists the first degree Plan of the degree the student has or about to complete. The second column, Allowed Programs and Plans, list second degree combinations that have been assessed as academically viable because of the low degree of overlap between the first degree program and the specific Arts and Science Plan.  The third column, Disallowed Programs and Plans, lists the second degree combinations that are not academically viable due to significant overlap between the first degree program and the specific Faculty of Arts and Science Plan.

First Degree from the Faculty of Arts and Science:

First Degree is a BA or BAH

First Degree is a BSC or BSCH

First Degree is a BCMP, BCMPH

First Degree is a BFA, BFAH or BMUS

First Degree from Another Faculty: