First Degree is BSC or BSCH

Academic Viability

The links below provide charts of some second degree combinations.  The first column lists the first degree program of the degree the student has or about to complete. The second column, Allowed Programs and Plans, list some second degree combinations that have been assessed as academically viable because of the low degree of overlap between the first degree program and the specific Arts and Science plan. The third column, Disallowed Programs and Plans, lists some of the second degree combinations that are not academically viable due to significant overlap between the first degree program and the specific Arts and Science Plan.

As the chart below only lists some of the possible degree combinations, please book an academic advising appointment in the Faculty of Arts and Science to discuss the most up-to-date information regarding Second Degrees.

First Degree Program Allowed Programs and Plans Disallowed Programs and Plans
BSC,BSCH Biochemistry BCMPH Biomedical Computing
BA Mathematics

BA,BSCH Biology
BA Mathematics

BSC Biology
BSCH Biology BSCH Geography
BSCH Mathematics
BSCH Biochemistry
BA Environmental Science
BSCH Life Sciences
BSCH SSP Mathematics (if supporting program is Biology)
BCMPH Computing BSCH Mathematics BA Mathematics
BA Statistics
BSCH SSP Environmental Science and Life Sciences   BA Geography
BSCH Geography BA Economics  
BSC Life Sciences BA Physics BA Biology
BSCH Biochemistry
BA,BSCH Psychology
BSCH Life Sciences

BCMPH Biomedical Computing
BCMPH Software Design
BSCH Mathematics

BSCH Physics BSCH Mathematics BA Mathematics
BSCH Psychology BAH Linguistics  BA Health