Selecting a Program/Plan

Selecting a Program/Plan

At the end of first-year all students must select a program/plan before they can register for 2nd year courses. During an appointment of this nature you and your student should review the courses attempted in first year and discuss the student’s interest in each area. Sometimes students have a very clear idea of what they wish to declare and your job is to ensure they have taken the correct prerequisites and have the grades required for entry to the program. Refer to the Degree Path for assistance.

Adding a Minor to a Major

Students may add a minor to a Major during the Plan Selection period in May. Students will often ask about the advantages of completing a major versus a major/minor. One approach is to weigh the advantages of completing one or the other against the additional courses that will be required.

Please note that courses that are cross-listed for the major and the minor may not be double counted toward the degree requirements.

Rules governing the double counting of courses can be found in the General Degree Requirements section of the web Calendar, under BAH and BSCH.

Changing a Plan

Declaring a plan is not a binding contract. Students may change majors and/or minors, or drop the minor all together.  Students often feel that once they are accepted into a Plan that they are committed to it indefinitely. It’s your job as an academic counsellor to make them aware that further change is possible and provide them with a sense of how this is done. Be sure to explain that a change of Plan in Yr 3 or 4 may, in all likelihood, result in additional time required to complete the degree. You should also note that ASC does not have a time limit for completing the degree like some faculties.

It’s also important to note that students must meet the minimum academic requirements for their plan in order to continue in that plan.  While students will not be removed from their plan they may encounter difficulty enrolling in required courses if they do not meet the requisites for those courses.  In other words, a student would not be able to complete their degree if they are unable to enrol in the core courses required for their plan.  If a student is unhappy in their major, or they are not performing satisfactorily in core courses, they should be encouraged to explore alternatives. This exploration is best undertaken early in the academic career. Career Services encourages students to make an appointment early in their program.

For more information go to Choosing or Changing your plan.