Timetable conflicts

You can find the times that courses will take place in your student centre on SOLUS by "search for classes".  Click on browse course catalog to find a course and view the weight (units), the components (lecture, lab, tutorial), when it is being offered (fall or winter term) as well as the course description. From there you can view the class sections to see how it can fit in your schedule.  You can also search for a course by the time it is offered.  Enter your search parameters (for example, Thursday mornings) and SOLUS will bring up a list of all the courses offered during those time slots.

When adding your courses, add the required or concentration courses first.  If you find that there are conflicts in the times that your courses are offered, you will need to switch sections and/or courses.  Electives should take last priority for scheduling.  If you want an elective course that won't fit in your schedule, you could add it to your planner and take it during another year when it will fit in your schedule.

SOLUS will not permit any timetable conflicts.