Transfer Credits

Now that you have made the decision to transfer and have reviewed the curriculum, you are ready to determine how your transfer credits will apply toward your degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University.

Statement of Transfer Credit (STC)

Understanding how your transfer credits fit into your degree requirements at Queens can be a bit confusing. Our degree requirements may be very different from the requirements at your former school. Before you can map onto the degree requirements here you first need to have your former credits assessed for equivalency. This assessment is carried out by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), Admission Services who will provide you with a Statement of Transfer Credit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer Credits:

How will I know which credits from my old school transfer to Queens’?

The Statement of Transfer Credits will list the Arts and Science equivalent courses and the credits (Queen's units) you have transferred.

What do I do if I haven’t yet received my STC?

If you have not yet received your STC you may be able to tentatively identify Queen’s course equivalents by speaking with the Undergraduate Chair of your intended degree program.

I took a course at my former school that I think should transfer but didn’t? What do I do if I feel my credit(s) should have been assessed differently?

If equivalent credit was not awarded for a particular course, or you feel it should have been assessed differently, you may request that the appropriate academic department re-evaluate your transfer credit. Most departments require a course syllabus and course description in order to make the evaluation. Contact the specific department for more information on their procedure. Usually, departments require that you leave the documents with them; after they evaluate the course, they notify the OUR of their decision. The OUR then makes the adjustment on your transcript.

What is an 'unspecified (UNS) credit'?

It is not uncommon for several courses to transfer as general elective credits or as ‘unspecified’ (no specific subject or number assigned). While these credits will count toward your degree, they may not count toward your degree concentration, refer to the notes on the STC for information.

Do my grades from my former school affect my Queen’s average?

Grades from your previous university do not transfer to Queen’s, therefore they do not affect your Queen’s GPA. Your ‘year’ level will be based on the number of credits transferred and will not necessarily be the same number of credits that you completed at your previous university.

Is there a minimum number of units I must complete through Queen’s?

Yes, there is a minimum number of units you must complete within Arts and Science at Queen’s (see Regulation 16).

When should I register for Fall/Winter courses?

If possible you should not wait for your Statement of Transfer Credits to Register for Fall/Winter courses. Without a STC you will likely require departmental assistance to register for courses yourself. Unfortunately SOLUS cannot read your transfer credits and you will have difficulty registering in courses that require prerequisites that you have satisfied elsewhere. You will likely need the assistance of the Departmental Chair of Undergraduate Studies (DCUS) or their assistant. We also recommend that you discuss your academic plans with the DCUS in person or by telephone to ensure that you will be making satisfactory progress toward your intended degree. See the list of Department links for more information.

Advanced Placement Transfer Credits

The Faculty of Arts and Science grants credit for some Advanced Placement courses. A maximum of 18.0 units may be granted for Advanced Placement examinations passed with a grade of 4 or higher. For complete information, please visit the Admission website.

International Baccalaureate Transfer Credits

The Faculty of Arts and Science grants credit for some International Baccalaureate Higher Level courses. A maximum of 18.0 units may be granted for International Baccalaureate examinations passed with a grade of 5 or higher. For complete information, please visit the Admission website.