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Students choose Queen’s Arts and Science because they want to excel. And they do. You will be surrounded by bright and motivated peers, taught by some of the finest academics in the world, and experience Queen’s supportive atmosphere whether you choose to study on campus or at a distance. We are focused on your success.

If you are completing your first year at another university, or you have completed or are close to completing a diploma program at a community college, and are interested in transferring to Queen’s Arts & Science, we are interested in hearing from you. We offer both full-time and part-time programs, both on-campus or by distance (online).

Learn more from the Undergraduate Admissions office about how to apply for upper year transfer.

Why Transfer to Queen's?

We are the school with a small-town feel, but with a large-city appeal. Queen's ArtSci is rich in history, clad with awards and medals for academic excellence, a network that is unlike any other - just ask any grad, and to top it off we have students like you that make Queen's University one unique place to study.

Quick Facts & Highlights

  • 68% of the Queen's undergraduate student body is in the Faculty of Arts and Science
  • 20 students in an average fourth year class
  • 2,000 possible program combinations
  • 12 languages can be studied in-class
  • 633 Arts and Science students participated in a study-abroad experience last year
  • 1,100+ student volunteer and leadership opportunities are available
  • A graduation rate at Queen's is 88.9%, compared with a graduation rate average across all universities in Ontario of 77.1% (2013)
  • 90.1% of Queen’s graduates were employed six months following graduation, compared to the provincial average of 86.5%. Two years after graduation, the employment rates were 93.5% for Queen’s and 92.2% for the provincial average (2013).

What can I study?

A wide range of degree options are available for incoming transfer students. You may choose to study full-time or part-time, on campus or by distance (online). Some programs have limited spaces, and fill quickly, so apply today.

Please note that the attached chart reflects information pertaining to students entering during the 2017-2018 only. 

*Should a student be admitted to the Summer term and need to take a prerequisite course for admission to a particular degree Plan, they must earn the set mark in the course to progress into the specific degree Plan. Should they not earn the required mark, students could retake the course or apply to the Faculty Office to change to another degree Plan that is accepting students (open degree Plans) and for which they meet the admission requirements in their admission category (internal, external etc.).

Distance 3 year Degree Offerings

English Language and Literature


Global Development Studies




Life Sciences*




Distance students cannot upgrade degree to honours degrees through on-campus studies. They may apply to a Second Degree.  Limited degree plan offerings.
* prerequisites required for admission

All GPAs and marks are on a Queen’s 4.3 GPA scale.

Upper-Year Transfer Admission Requirements

The Faculty of Arts and Science invites applications for upper-year students in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Computing and the Bachelor of Science programs. To be considered for full-time admission, upper-year applicants must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.6 (high C+). Some departments may require a higher than 2.60 GPA and course requirements.  Meeting admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Space is limited, we encourage students to apply early.

Definition of Upper-Year Students

  • Students who have attempted a minimum 24.0 units (or equivalent) at another accredited university or college with a university transfer program. 24.0 Queen's units are typically 4 full-year courses (one course taken over two terms) or 8 one-term only courses. Upper-year candidates have generally attended university for a minimum of 2 terms.
  • Ontario community college students who are in a three-year diploma program and will be graduating.
  • Graduates from three-year Ontario community college diploma programs.
  • CEGEP students who are in the final year of  three-year professional/career programs who will be receiving their DEC.
  • graduates of a three-year CEGEP professional/career programs who have their DEC.

Learn more from the Undergraduate Admissions office about how to apply for upper year transfer.

What credits and courses are eligible for credit transfer?

Queen's University may grant Transfer Credits to students coming from a number of different programs. Transfer credit assessment varies depending on the courses or curriculum that the student has completed, the student's scores / grades achieved in that program, the Queen's program that the student is entering, and the student's year of entry to Queen's.

Queen’s Arts & Science proudly adheres to the general policy on the transfer of course credits as adopted by the Council of Ontario Universities.  We recognize that, while learning experiences may differ in a variety of ways, their substance may be essentially equivalent in terms of their content and rigor.  

University transfers: We may transfer up to 57 units (out of the 120 required for a 4-year Honours degree) or up to 42 units (of the 90 required for a 3-year degree).

Three-year College Diplomas: We may transfer up to 30 units.

CEGEP (three years): We may transfer up to 18 units.

In all cases, we will endeavor to transfer those courses which provide you with the best headstart possible on your chosen Arts & Science degree.

Students with less than 24.0 units completed are considered first-year applicants.

Kingston - Our City

We're proud to say that not only are we an official "Intelligent Community" but that the BBC named Kingston as one of the greatest university towns ;in the world. Kingston is a home-away-from-home not only for students from Queen’s, but also for those attending the Royal Military College and St. Lawrence College - nearly 30,000 in all! We are a student town.

Described by students as both “quaint” and “eclectic,” Kingston is big enough to provide all the conveniences of modern life, and small enough for students, staff, and faculty to feel instantly comfortable and at home.

Queen’s is an integral part of the Kingston community, with the campus nestled in the core of the city, only a 10-minute walk to downtown where all the shopping, dining and water sports occur - it's a happening place.

Accommodation & Housing

Thinking about where you are going to live next year? There are limited spaces available in residence for upper-years’ – applications will be accepted until February and will be selected by lottery. Visit the Residence website for more information.

Other resources to help you find a home:

FAQ's about Transfers

What are the admission requirements to be admitted to Queen’s?

Admission requirements vary by degree Program/Plan. See above under 'What can I study?'

My marks aren’t as high as they would be normally due to some extenuating circumstances. Does the Faculty of Arts and Science consider any extenuating circumstances with my application?  Do you consider volunteer or employment experience or letters of recommendation?

Extenuating circumstances, volunteer or employment experience and letters of recommendation are not considered with transfer applications to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Can I appeal my admission decision?

Following Senate rules, admission decisions are not appealable.

I would like to know what courses that I have completed so far at my current school would transfer prior to my applying to Queen’s--- can you tell me what transfer credits I would receive?

Transfer credits are assessed after students have applied and accepted their offer of admission.

Students can view the ONTransfer website to gain an understanding of what courses could be transferred.  Please note that this site is in development so it is not an exhaustive list.

How do I apply for transfer credits?

This link will provide directions for submitting courses for possible transfer credit.

I don’t see my transfer credits on SOLUS yet-who should I contact?

Transfer credits can take 2-3 weeks to process as they are sent to departments for their review.  For questions about the processing of your transfer credits, please contact Undergraduate Admissions.

The degree Plan I want to apply to isn’t listed on OUAC and it isn’t listed on the Faculty of Arts and Science transfer web page (—is this an error?

Some of our degree Plans are at capacity with our current students, so direct transfer to those degree Plans is not possible.

Could I access one of the degree Plans that is at capacity once I have transferred to Queen’s?

Yes, it is possible, but it isn’t guaranteed.  To apply for entry to previously at capacity degree Programs/Plans students must have:

  • Completed 24.0 units after being admitted into the Faculty of Arts and Science for on-campus study;
  • Completed the necessary prerequisite course for entry to the degree Program/Plan (please note for some Plans, such as Psychology, students must take the prerequisite course at Queen’s);
  • Earned the minimum required grade in the prerequisite course, and
  • Earned the minimum required cumulative GPA (Queen’s GPA only) for access to the degree Program/Plan.

Since admission is determined by gaining access to a prerequisite course, earning a set mark in the prerequisite course, and having a set GPA from Queen’s, we caution students that there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the desired degree Program/Plan.  (Please note that for some programs, such as Kinesiology, only a few spaces are available).  Further, should a student meet the requirements listed above, and space be available, students must know it will take additional time to complete degree requirements.

We encourage students to carefully review their decision should they be applying to Queen’s with the hopes of gaining access to an at capacity program as we cannot guarantee admission.

Apply to Transfer

Steps to Transfer

  1. Choose from the programs below to learn more about the requirements and restrictions.
  2. Visit Ontario Universities Application Centre.
  3. Complete the Application Form.
  4. For all programs, upper-year transfer applicants will be able to apply between 1 February and 1 June for a Fall start.  As applications will be considered on an on-going basis, students are encouraged to apply early.

Learn more about how to apply for upper year transfer.

Supporting YOUR Success

Students arrive at Queen’s very excited, ready for the adventure, ready to learn and ready to work. Changing universities is a big transition, and we recognize that.
At Queen’s you are never alone. We have many offices dedicated to helping you learn, discover, think and do.