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Timetable Changes

All timetable change requests (related to courses) are to be sent via department timetable administrators to the Timetabling Office.

Revisions to this document

Revised October 14, 2003 and

Revised January 27, 2004

University Timetabling Committee

Policy on Instructor Course Time Changes (Post registration)

Instructors may not change a course from its officially scheduled time unless the following conditions are met:

  • The instructor must first confirm with the OUR that a suitable room is available at the desired time.
  • A vote must be taken by secret ballot.
  • For the class time to be changed, there must be unanimous approval on the part of the entire registered class.
  • If there is agreement on such a change, the instructor will confirm with the OUR.

Academic Ad hoc Booking

Please forward all other academic ad hoc booking requests (e.g., one day seminars, guest lecturers, midterms, special screenings, etc.) to