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Fall "To Do" Checklist


Orientation at Queens

The start of Fall term means the need to complete some important tasks before you begin your classes - updating your personal and contact information, completing tasks in your "To Do" list in SOLUS, as well as submitting your photograph for your Student ID Card

** Because many students will be enrolled in remote learning for the Fall 2020 term, it is imperative that we have accurate, up-to-date contact information for you for mailing ID Cards, course materials, etc. **

Instructions on how to complete these tasks, as well as video tutorials on other activities in SOLUS can be found below:




Student Activity Guide for Student Contact / Code of Conduct

** Whether you are a new or returning student, it is important that we have current contact information for you for the Fall 2020 Term.
The steps outlined in the posted tutorials include updating your Primary (Mailing) Address and telephone number in SOLUS **



Your Enrolment / Registration

First Step for Registration How to update important information for Registration (Video)
How to Register How to set up your Shopping Cart (Video)
Your Enrolment Appointment How to view your Enrolment Appointment (Video)
Class Enrolment How to Enrol in Classes (Video)

Your Student ID Card

Are you a new student to Queen's? If so, have you submitted your photograph for your Student ID Card?

Please follow the instructions on our information page at:

Questions? Please email:

Your Student Account

Account Activity (Video - 0:44)
Charges by Due Date

(Video - 0:25)

Enter / Review Bank Information for Eligible Refunds

(Video - 0:40)

Payments for Eligible Refunds

(Video - 0:27)

Printable Fee Statements

(Video - 0:35)