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University Code of Conduct

As a student at Queen's University, you must become familiar with two important sets of rules that will govern your activities here.

The first is the University Code of Conduct, which is contained in every Faculty Calendar and is available on-line:

University Code of Conduct (65 KB)

The Code of Conduct describes, in general terms and with specific examples, what constitutes unacceptable behaviour in the Queen's community. It also explains the University's disciplinary and grievance systems for both academic and non-academic offences.

The second important set of rules is the Computer User Code of Ethics. Before receiving your "computer ID" which allows you to use the Queen's systems, you must indicate that you have read this document and agree to comply with it. This document is available on-line at: Queen's University Computer User Code of Ethics and in print form at public computing sites and advising offices on campus).

Since "e-mail harassment" has become a growing problem at Queen's and other universities recently, you should also be aware of what constitutes this behaviour, and steps you can take to deal with it. For details, check the STOPIT! web site.

Registration at Queen's makes you an accountable member of the University community. That means it is your responsibility not only to become familiar with these Codes, but to abide by them while you are a student here.