Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees December 2022

Photo Credit: Bernard Clark (December 10, 2022)
Back Row (L-R): D. Court, J. Sharma, A. Butler
Middle Row (L-R): O. Crawford-Lem, A. Holt, D. McCann, H. Black, M. Wong
Front Row (L-R): G. Patry, T. Hu, T. Mattina, P. Deane, M. Wilson Trider, D. Bruce, D. Allgood
Not Pictured: N. Evans, J. Gooden, J. Keohane, B. Pierre-Gilles, V. Remenda, M. Sinclair, C. Steer, M. Turcke, P. Walch-Watson, B. Watts

The Board of Trustees is one of three governing bodies of the university, along with the Senate and the University Council, all of which are administered by the University Secretariat.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall operations of the University, including:

  • overseeing financial matters
  • property
  • the appointment of Vice-Principals
  • and, in conjunction with the Senate, the appointment of the Principal

The Board of Trustees has 25 members: 3 ex-officio and 22 elected.

The Board of Trustees functions through a standing committee structure.  

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates
Agenda Setting Supplementary Guidelines

Board of Trustees 2022

Photo Credit: Bernard Clark (September 30, 2022)
Back Row (L-R): N. Evans, D. McCann, J. Keohane, A. Holt, T. Mattina, P. Walch-Watson, C. Steer, O. Crawford Lem, A. Butler
Front Row (L-R): D. Bruce, M. Wilson Trider, D. Court, T. Hu, V. Remenda, J. Sharma, H. Black, P. Deane
Not Pictured: D. Allgood, J. Gooden, B. Pierre-Gilles, M. Sinclair, M. Turcke, B. Watts, M. Wong