Access to Campus Services

University Club

As honorary members of the University Club, Board members will receive a membership card, which will enable them to use all the facilities of the Club. Trustees are responsible for costs they incur which are charged on a monthly basis.

Ways for trustees to get news about Queen's:

The Queen's Gazette, a digest of articles posted on the Queen's News Centre (, is emailed to faculty and staff and others wishing to keep current about university news. To subscribe to this service, send your name and email address to

Gazette Archives:

Queen's Events Calendar:

Alumni Review:

Copies of the Alumni Review are available to non-Alumni members of the Board on request.

Parking Permits

Members of the Board, who use their automobiles as a means of travelling to the Board meetings, may apply for a parking permit. These permits are valid on the surface parking lots only.

Parking permits must be prominently displayed.

No parking permits are required for surface parking lots after 5 p.m. on weekdays; or anytime on Saturdays, Sundays or statutory holidays.

Travel Expenses

Queen's University will reimburse Board members for expenses involved in attending meetings of the Board of Trustees in accordance with Queen's Travel Policy. The University Auditors require that original receipts be provided.

Many Trustees return the expenses to the University as a charitable donation. A form, provided on the next page, allows direct transfer of the claim to the University as a contribution.  The University will issue a charitable donation receipt.  Original receipts must be attached to the donation form.

Please use the form provided and follow the instructions about required documentation. Queen's Travel Policy can be consulted or contact the University Secretariat with questions at or 613-533-6095.