Contract Review

Faculties, departments or administrative units seeking to have a contract reviewed by Queen’s Office of Legal Counsel must submit the contract via the Contract Review Request Form. The Contract Review Request Form is linked to a digital process that has been implemented to streamline the contracts submission and review process. 

To submit a contract review request, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Contract Review Request Form. You will be prompted for your Queen’s NetID and password (the single sign-on you use daily to access Queen’s resources), after which you will be granted access to the form.
  2. Fill in the required fields of the Contract Review Request Form. Required fields are marked with an asterisk * 
  3. The comments section of the form should be used to communicate with the Office of Legal Counsel. Any details, background information, and context about the contract should be made here so that legal counsel can review them prior to reviewing the contract.
  4. To attach the contract click the Attachments button at the bottom of the form. A Manage Attachments window will pop up after you have clicked the Attachments button. You may attach more than one document when making a submission, for each separate document use the Add button in the Manage Attachments window. In addition to the contract you want reviewed, this is the place to add any relevant background documents. When you have attached all the relevant documents click OK.
  5. Then, you must click the Save button at the bottom of the form to submit it for review. The screen will display the text "Form saved successfully". At this point you may close the browser window.

Soon after your submission has been completed, an email with your contract ID will be sent from to the address you listed under the contact information portion of the form. This email is confirmation of your successful submission.  Your contract will be reviewed within 20 business days from submission.

If your submission is urgent or you have any questions regarding completing this process please contact the office directly by phone at: (613) 533-6095 x78905.

If additional information is required or if legal counsel has revisions to the submitted contract, the person listed under the contact information of the form will be contacted directly by legal counsel or their executive support staff.  

Final approval of a submitted contract will be sent to the listed contact via email. To complete the process, once the contract has been fully executed, the sending office is required to submit an electronic copy of the fully executed contract to, noting the contract ID in the subject line of the email. If the fully executed contract is not submitted, you will receive reminder emails until this step is completed.