Distinguished Service Awards

Queen’s faculty, staff, students, retirees, members (elected, appointed, ex officio or honorary) of the Council, the Queen's Alumni Association,and the Board of Trustees are invited to nominate candidates for a Queen’s Distinguished Service Award. Inaugurated by the University Council in 1974, this award recognizes individuals who have made the University a better place through their extraordinary contributions. 

2021 Distinguished Service Awards Recipients

The University Council Executive Committee is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Distinguished Service Award (listed in alphabetical order).

Helen Connop

Manager, Education and Equity Services (School of Law), committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, impacted the lives of thousands of law students over close to two decades through tireless advocacy and unwavering support.

Thomas Courchene

Professor Emeritus, inaugural Director of the School of Policy Studies and Stauffer-Dunning Chair in Policy Studies, Officer of the Order of Canada, outstanding professor, influential academic, and prolific, award-winning author who has cemented Queen’s presence in public policy.

Sue Fostaty-Young

Queen’s alumna, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, spearheaded numerous initiatives to improve the quality of teaching and learning, whose efforts have fostered connection, innovation, and enhanced student outcomes.

Patty McHenry

Dedicated staff member since 1987, Principal Gifts Officer in the Office of Advancement, fostered relationships that have advanced Queen's with transformational gifts, trusted advisor and partner of Queen’s leaders, renowned for her personal and caring stewardship of the university community.

Anthony Sanfilippo

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education), exemplary medical educator, practicing cardiologist, and leader, instrumental in the creation of innovative programs and curricula that have contributed to the success of Queen’s School of Medicine. 

Lucinda Walls

Public Services Librarian, expert in art and music reference materials, educator on information literacy and invaluable resource to students and faculty within Art History, Fine Arts, Music, and Drama, with profound impact across the Queen’s community.


The nominations period for 2021 is now closed.  

Please contact the University Secretariat at ucouncil@queensu.ca if you have questions about the Distinguished Service Award or the nomination process.  

The nominations period for 2021 is now closed. Nominations for the 2022 DSA Awards will open in March 2022.