Distinguished Service Awards

Queen’s faculty, staff, students, retirees, members (elected, appointed, ex officio or honorary) of the Council, the Queen's Alumni Association,and the Board of Trustees are invited to nominate candidates for a Queen’s Distinguished Service Award. Inaugurated by the University Council in 1974, this award recognizes individuals who have made the University a better place through their extraordinary contributions. 

2021 Nomination Form 

The nominations period for 2021 is now closed.  

Please contact the University Secretariat at ucouncil@queensu.ca if you have questions about the Distinguished Service Award or the nomination process.  

2020 Recipients

The University Council Executive Committee is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Distinguished Service Award (listed in alphabetical order).  

Selim G. Akl

Dedicated faculty member since 1978, current Professor, nationally recognized computer science researcher and scholar, and tireless champion for the School of Computing.

Jan Allen

Queen’s alumna, Director of the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, augmented the Centre’s exhibitions, publications and acquisitions while promoting collaborative curatorial and research work, nationally recognized curator and arts leader.

Jacquie Brown

Long-serving Program Assistant (Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering), committed to compassionate and tailored student support, safety on campus and continuous training resulting in widespread positive impact on the lives of students, faculty, and staff.

Jennifer Medves

Former Vice-Dean (Health Sciences) and Director of the School of Nursing, former Vice-Chair of Senate and exemplary participant in University governance, devoted to student mental health, innovative programming, and the profession of nursing.

Richard Reznick

Former Dean (Faculty of Health Sciences), Director (School of Medicine), and CEO (Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization), pioneer of innovative educational programs, internationally renowned medical education expert, and leader of transformative change.

Daniel Woolf

20th Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Principal Emeritus, Queen’s alumnus, Professor of History, influential academic and administrator, instrumental in the transformational gift for the new Smith School of Business, introduced governance reform, and position of Provost, committed to innovation, faculty renewal, wellness, and the arts.