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Board of Trustees Diversity Statement

Approved May 12, 2017

Reapproved May 11, 2018

Strong oversight and governance result from having Board members with the necessary mix of skills and the contribution and inclusion of multiple perspectives when making decisions that affect the University at its most senior levels. Board diversity is crucial to ensure that the Board, as a whole, effectively governs the University. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of Queen’s University strives to achieve a diversity of membership that provides a collective set of perspectives, ensuring sound decision-making and the fulfillment of its governance duties.

Skills remain an important consideration for appointment to the Board. Within its processes for identifying potential members, the Governance and Nominating Committee will actively seek out and promote potential candidates who reflect the diversity of Canadian society, with particular attention toward including equity-seeking group members*.

The deliberate inclusion of diverse candidates for consideration as members of the Board of Trustees is the most effective way to make Board diversity possible. It is also an important step toward fostering a culture that encourages the inclusion of a broad range of views in the governance of the University as a whole. The promotion of diverse candidates for inclusion on the Board of Trustees will set an example for the leadership of the University to follow when taking actions that reduce systemic barriers for the full inclusion of diverse viewpoints in decision-making.

Bodies and constituencies within Queen’s University whose responsibilities include the election of individuals to the Board under the Queen’s Charter, while ensuring the requisite skills and preparedness for serving on the Board of Trustees, are encouraged to examine their nominations and electoral processes and strive to remove barriers to the election of candidates from equity-seeking group members who would bring greater diversity to the Board. The Board itself will strive to ensure knowledge on diversity and inclusion is possessed by its members and that items regarding such topics are regularly discussed.


*Groups seeking equity with respect to gender, race, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion/faith, family status, socio-economic status, ancestry, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, aboriginal ancestry, and gender expression.