University Counsel

The Office of the University Counsel provides legal advice to senior administrators, faculties, departments and administrative units on all issues with legal implications affecting the University. The Office of the University Counsel:

  • Advises on applicable laws, oversees compliance with applicable statutory and common law requirements and identifies emerging legal issues;
  • Assists in the preparation of and provides advice about policies, procedures, legal documents or any matter having legal significance in the management and operation of the University;
  • Provides advice, direction and representation on procedural and substantive matters involving student academic and non-academic discipline. Assists in the resolution of disputes and represents the University in student appeals;
  • Provides advice to the Board of Trustees and its committees on legal issues related to governance, statutory compliance and due diligence;
  • Responds to human rights complaints filed by students with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and represents the University at any Tribunal hearing;
  • Provides advice to the University Threat Assessment Team and other units about risk mitigation in the area of safety and security