Chancellor Search

Chancellor Murray Sinclair began his term as Queen’s University’s 15th Chancellor on July 1, 2021. His term is scheduled to conclude on June 30, 2024.

Queen's will begin the search for its next Chancellor in February 2024. Please refer to the key dates for more information. 

The Chancellor is the ceremonial head and highest officer of the University. Traditionally, those who have been chosen to fill this position have shown a deep interest in the welfare of the University and have represented the values of the University. They have had a national presence, been able to represent the University's interests anywhere in the world and acted as important points of contact with major donors and as goodwill ambassadors across a spectrum of activities. The Chancellor participates in a variety of university ceremonies, as well as student and alumni events. Queen's Chancellors have also shown an interest in the individual student at the time of laureation. The duties, especially in relation to convocations, require that the Chancellor have a good deal of physical energy.


Chancellors of Queen's University

1887-1879 The Reverend John Cook

1880-1915 Sir Sandford Fleming

1915-1918 James Douglas

1919-1923 Sir Edward Beatty

1924-1929 Sir Robert Laird Borden

1929-1939 James Armstrong Richardson

1940-1958 The Honourable Charles Avery Dunning

1960-1973 John Bertram Stirling

1973-1980 The Right Honourable Roland Michener

1980-1996 Dr. Agnes McCausland Benidickson

1996-2002 The Honourable Peter Lougheed

2002-2008 A. Charles Baillie

2008-2014 David Dodge

2014-2021 James Leech

2021-2024 The Honourable Murray Sinclair