Position Overview & Duties 

The Chancellor is the ceremonial head and highest officer of the University. Traditionally, those who have been chosen to fill this position have shown a deep interest in the welfare of the University and have represented the values of the University. They have had a national presence, been able to represent the University's interests anywhere in the world and acted as important points of contact with major donors and as goodwill ambassadors across a spectrum of activities. The Chancellor participates in a variety of university ceremonies, as well as student and alumni events. Queen's Chancellors have also shown an interest in the individual student at the time of laureation. The duties, especially in relation to convocations, require that the Chancellor have a good deal of physical energy.

Ex-Officio Functions of the Chancellor

(a)        Convocations

The Chancellor presides at Convocations of the University.  Spring Convocations are held in late May and early June and Fall Convocations are held at the end of October or early November each year.

(b)        University Council

The Chancellor, a member of the University Council, presides as Chair when the Council meets each year in a full-day session. This annual meeting usually takes place in November and includes an awards reception.

The Chancellor is also a member of the Council's Executive Committee, which meets several times each year.

(c)        Board of Trustees

As well as being a member of the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor is a member of the following Committees of the Board.

  • Audit and Risk
  • Capital Assets and Finance
  • External Relations and Development
  • Governance and Nominating
  • Human Resources
  • Investment
  • Pension

The Board meets four times in a year: September, December, March, and May.

(d)        Senate

The Chancellor is a member of the Honorary Degrees Committee, a standing committee of the Senate chaired by the Principal.  The Committee meets in April to select candidates for the following year's Spring and Fall Convocations.

(e)        Committee to Select/Review the Principal

The Chancellor chairs the committee convened to select a new Principal or to review an incumbent Principal for reappointment. The membership of the committee is composed of members of the Senate and the Board of Trustees.

(f)        Other Functions

The Chancellor is invited to participate in the Alumni Homecoming Weekend. Events often include various galas, dinners, lunches, and the football game.  From time to time there are also special events such as installations, visits of dignitaries, and building openings at which the Chancellor may be invited to play a central part.