University Council

Photo of University Council 2023

Photo credit - Stephen Wild (November 4, 2023)

The University Council was established by statute in 1874. It is one of the three governing bodies of the University. The elective members of the Council are elected by and from among the alumni of the University in a manner provided for by the By-laws of the Council.  The Council serves as both an advisory and an ambassadorial body to the University as a whole and is responsible for the election of the Chancellor.

Although it is not directly involved in operations, the Council may bring to the Senate or Board of Trustees any matter that it believes affects Queen's well-being and prosperity. In this way the Council, in plenary session and through study committees, has made important contributions to several areas of campus life.

University Councillors act as key ambassadors engaging in the promotion of the interests of Queen’s University and also represent alumni as advisors to the University by bringing alumni perspectives to Council’s Annual General Meeting. In this dual ambassador-advisor role, University Councillors:

  • take into account all questions affecting the well-being and prosperity of the University,
  • frame and pass bylaws for the appointment and installation of the Chancellor, the election of a Rector by the students, and the election of members to the Board of Trustees by the Council.
  • frame and pass such by-laws as it deems necessary to carry out the powers and functions above.

The Chancellor, the Principal, not more than forty members elected by and from among the alumni, one member of Senate, one member of the Queen's University Alumni Association.