Harassment & Discrimination Policy Flowchart

This flowchart has been developed to help individuals understand how the policy works. 

University Community members may choose to seek advice and information from a variety of university offices about what is believed to be incidents of Harassment, Discrimination or Reprisal.  If the issues raised cannot be resolved without a formal Complaint or Report, the process outlined below is followed. 

Harassment Discrimination Policy Flowchart

Step 1: A written Complaint/Report is submitted to the University Secretary.

Step 2: A meeting of the Intake Assessment Team is held.

Is there sufficient information/detail that, if true, would constitute a violation of the policy?

NO: The Complaint/Report contains insufficient detail and is returned to the Complainant with a request for additional information. 

Or, there is no basis for a formal investigation.

  • other policies may be engaged that warrant review; or
  • the Complaint/Report may raise general concerns about culture/environment that should be referred to the responsible VP.

YES: Proceed to next question.

It is appropriate to pursue early resolution at the intake stage?

YES:  early resolution is appropriate. If the parties agree to an early resolution, a resolution agreement is prepared, and the case will be closed. The University Secretary receives written summary of resolution.

NO: Investigation proceeds.

If an early resolution is reached before a final decision is made, a summary of the resolution is provided to the Secretary, and the case will be closed.

If NO early resolution is reached before a final decision is made, he investigation report is provided to a decision-maker, who issues a decision to the Respondent (and to the Complainant, if there is one – Reports do not involve individual Complainants). The University Secretary receives a written notification with summary of findings and outcomes.


If you have any questions related to the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, you can reach out to the following offices: