Elections to Governing Bodies

The University Secretariat is responsible for the administering of elections for specific roles on our governance bodies. Please select the governance body you are interested in for further information.

Ensure you review the correct category for which you are eligible to vote in. The University Secretariat facilitates elections through Simply Voting, a secure, online elections platform.


Alumni will be alerted to the University Council Alumni election via email. To ensure you will receive communications about this election, please update your contact information and confirm your communication preferences by contacting the Alumni Relations Office by email: records@queensu.ca or by phone: 1-800-267-7837. Please provide your faculty, year of graduation and mailing address in the email request.

Queen's Employees:

Voting for a Faculty or Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees OR a Staff Representative on the Senate:

Queen's employees will be alerted to elections by an email from Simply Voting. Instructions on how to vote will be included in the email.

Questions about the election? Send us an email at  univsec@queensu.ca.