Committees of the Council


Standing Committees

Special Purposes Committees

As per By-law B, section 7, Special Purpose Committees may be established at an Annual or Special Meeting of the Council by request of the Executive Committee.

Other Bodies with Council Appointments

Note: These are only appointments to other bodies which are made by the University Council. It does not include appointments Councillors may hold that were made by other bodies.

Board of Trustees

The University Council elects six University Council Trustees to the Board of Trustees for 3-year terms.  Two University Council Trustees elected by the Council shall retire each year and their successors shall be elected by the Council in accordance with Council By-laws. Trustees shall assume office for three years on 1 June following their election.  Each elected, appointed and ex officio member of the Council shall have the right to nominate in each year two elected members of Council for the elected position of University Council Trustee. An elected member of Council who is in the final year of his or her term on Council is eligible to be nominated. 

  • Elected by the Council to 2024:  Doug Bruce, Alison Holt
  • Elected by the Council to 2025: Jeremy Gooden, Mary Wilson Trider 
  • Elected by the Council to 2026: Heather Black and Yanique Williams

Queen's University Alumni Association (QUAA) Assembly

All graduates of Queen's University, as well as students who have completed one full academic year, are automatically members of the QUAA. We work to unite our diverse alumni community and celebrate our many contributions and achievements. The Alumni Assembly is the voting body of the QUAA.  The University Council of Queen's University may appoint two Alumni Councillors.

  • Appointed by the University Council to September 2023: Heather Black, Bittu George