Spills and Leaks - Radiation, Biohazards or Chemical Agent

Primary Response by Community Members

If you cannot control or contain the spill through individual department procedures, dial 36111 (external 613-533-6111).

Localized Minor Chemical Spill/Leak

Your department should have control procedures that cover: evacuation of the immediate area; containment and control appropriate personal protective equipment; Incident documentation and investigation, and notification of the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with your department's individual procedure now.

Major Chemical Spill/Leak

If the spill/leak exceeds the capacity of your department's individual procedures or if you are in doubt as to how to handle the spill:

Evacuate the immediate area.

Dial 36111 (external 613-533-6111) and inform Campus Security of:

i) exact location of spill/leak

ii) name and nature of chemical, its hazards.

iii) volume or extent of leak

iv) any person(s) who may have been contaminated

Campus Security will then notify the appropriate internal and external agencies.

Asbestos Disturbances

Call the Campus Security at 36111 (external 613-533-6111) if you discover or disturb fibrous asbestos material.

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