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Welcome to the Student Experience Office!

The Student Experience Office (SEO) in the Division of Student Affairs at Queen's University offers programs and services to orient students to university life, to support their successful transitions into and through university, and to encourage leadership development, student engagement, and co-curricular involvement while at Queen's. Our programs and services help prepare students to achieve not only their personal, social, and academic goals, but also their professional and community aspirations.
  • Excetera Cast Performing

    Excetera IX was a success. Thanks for watching! 

  • Existere Cast

    The Student Experience Office is no longer accepting applications to be a part of the Existere 2016 cast. 

  • Parents and students walking down University Avenue at SOAR.

    Parents and students on University Avenue at SOAR. SOAR is a one-day orientation program held in July where students and parents are invited to campus to learn about resources, talk with campus partners and tour the campus.