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QSuccess First-Year Mentorship Program

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QSuccess is an innovative mentorship program created and delivered in collaboration with educators, wellness experts, professional staff and student leaders. Centred on a commitment to research-based work, the program aims to remove barriers and contribute to a successful transition through the first year of university through ongoing engagement and one-on-one mentoring. 
QSuccess is one of several mentorship programs partnering with Mentor Canada in delivering an innovative mentorship platform that hosts curriculum, resources, and communication for mentorship program participants. It’s never been easier to connect with peers in a safe and secure manner.



A Simple 3-Step Registration Process

  1. Register with your Queen’s student email.
  2. Build your Mentee Profile.
  3. Self-Match with a Mentor in the Mentor Database OR leave it up to us to match you!  

Matches are based on your needs or interests as described on your Mentee Profile. Please ensure you build a detailed Mentee Profile to ensure a strong match! 

Students may request a mentor at any point during the summer or the school year and be matched with a mentor. Mentors and mentees meet one-on-one on a weekly basis for the duration of the academic year. 

QSuccess Mentors are holistically trained in Mentorship, Resources and Referrals, Learning Strategies, Health and Wellness, Intercultural Awareness, etc. and they are extremely excited to greet you one-on-one and be your source of guidance throughout your first year at Queen’s.

QSuccess Can Help You:

  • Develop skills to succeed academically, including time management, note taking, and study skills. 
  • Learn to balance the academic and social demands of university life.
  • Develop strategies to stay physically and mentally healthy. 
  • Meet peers and develop a campus community (even if remotely!) 
  • Connect to other campus resources that can play a role in your success. 
  • Most importantly, a mentor can be a listening ear as you navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes of your first-year at Queen’s. 

Here's What Past Participants Have to Say:

"My mentor was extremely helpful and caring. I felt like I could go to her with any problem I was having during my first-year and she would talk me through it and lead me to any resources she thought may help."

"My mentor was one of the greatest individuals ever. She continues to inspire me. Throughout this year she provided me with the greatest advice, resources and overall friendliness. She truly impacted me in such a positive way and if it was not for her this year would have been very different. This mentor program was a great thing and I recommend it to all incoming first years.

"My mentor opened my eyes to various things that I wasn't aware of. As an International, it was hard to cope with the system and cultural difference. With the help of my mentor, I am able to get what are the best ways to practice being in university and managing independent work."

"I discovered a lot of clubs and resources on campus and talking to someone older helped me realize we all go through the same stressful times and helped me get over them."

QSuccess programming is open to all first-year Queen’s students. Students may register for a mentor at any point during the summer or the academic year; students are encouraged to apply prior to the beginning of the fall semester in order to get the most out of the program.

Please note that mentors are not tutors, and cannot help with course-specific content questions.

Check back for your 2022-23 QSuccess Mentor Team!

Senior Mentors

QSuccess Senior Mentors are experienced mentors who support the Q Success Mentor Team. Their responsibilities include planning and facilitating events to connect first-year Mentees to peers and resources, running mentor meetings, and providing knowledge and support for both Mentors and Mentees. Stay tuned for what's to come this year!