Congratulations! We are excited you have made the decision to spend the next few years studying at Queen's University. This Next Steps website will ensure you are prepared for your first year!

Check back here often for updates throughout the summer. One of the key elements/central to the quality of your Queen’s experience is your connection to community, and we have a summer of opportunities to connect you with peers and prepare you for fall studies!

All incoming undergraduate students can complete the following Next Steps check list. BISC students can also visit the BISC Next Steps website and International students can also visit the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) website for more specific information, including travel and arrival to Canada.

You can also explore all of the student resources and supports available across Student Affairs and the campus.

See you soon!


Step 1: Activate/Confirm your Queen's NetID 

Step 2: Apply to Queen's Residence and Pay the $525 Deposit

Deadline: June 8, 2022, 4 pm EDT

Visit the Residence website for more information about the application and room selection process, as well as move-in.

Looking for housing in Kingston for 2022-23? Do you have questions about the Kingston student rental market, your search, lease agreement, your rights as a tenant, landlord rights and responsibilities, and housemates? Connect with Adam King, our Off-Campus Living Advisor.

Step 3: Set up your Queen's Email – Mid-June 2022

All new students will receive an email in mid June with information about your Queen's email account. Log in and make sure everything is set up to your satisfaction.

Log on to your Queen's email

From this point forward, Queen's will only communicate with you via your Queen's email account, so be sure to keep checking it regularly!



We will email the document to your Queen's email account in June. It contains detailed information on:

  • How to register for courses
  • Tuition and fees
  • How to make payment
  • How to submit your photo for your Student ID card.

Step 4: Participate in our First-Year Foundation Program

The Student Experience Office’s First-Year Foundation program starts this summer and gives you online and in-person opportunities to build your community, support your transition, and find your path to success for your first year at Queen’s. Check out the following:

  • Register for Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) one-day on-campus experience. Registration opens in June and SOAR runs July 7–10 and 15–16.
  • Join Raftr, the digital community platform exclusively for first-year students starting late June.
  • Complete the onQ online modules and attend webinars starting the end of June, with webinars ongoing throughout the summer.
  • Register for QSuccess, the one-on-one peer mentorship program for first-year students. Registration opens in mid-July.
  • Join the FYNIRS program to meet other students living off-campus starting in July.
  • Participate in University Orientation in the first few days on-campus in the Fall.

Check back in May for more information about the First-Year Foundation program.

Are you an International Student? Visit QUIC for more information and resources!
Are you an Indigenous Student? Visit Four Directions for more information and resources!
Are you a QTBIPOC student? Visit Yellow House for more information and resources!
Are you a student with a disability? Check out Setting Yourself Up for Success, a free self-guided course designed to help students with disabilities navigate the transition to university.

Join us on-campus for our Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR)! During this one-day program in July, you will explore campus, learn about support resources, get answers to your questions, and make connections with staff, faculty, upper-year students and your peers. All incoming first-year students and their parents, families, and supporters are welcome. Check back soon for more information about SOAR 2022.



Start the year off on the right foot. Stay strong throughout the year. Register to be matched with a QSuccess mentor who can support your transition from high school to university, connect you with resources, and help you build connections and community. Registration opens in July.

Step 5: Admission Information

Satisfy any conditions on your offer of admission by the due date in your offer email. Due dates may also be found on the Undergraduate Admission Key Dates and Deadlines page.

Review your final grades on your transcript, or on the OUAC website. Contact your guidance counsellor and Queen’s Undergraduate Admission if your academic data is inaccurate. We will use the information we have to determine if you meet the conditions on your offer. 

If you will not meet the conditions on your offer of admission, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing

Step 6: Apply for Financial Assistance

The 2022-23 OSAP application opens in April 2022. Submit your OSAP application as soon as possible to ensure funding is available for the start of the academic year.

Apply for OSAP
>> Do not report your Queen’s awards on your OSAP application – learn more about OSAP and awards.

If you live in another province/territory, check the government student assistance website where you live for information about when the application is available, and information about how to report any awards you have received. Apply as soon as you can to ensure your funding is available for the start of the academic year.

Apply for governmental financial assistance outside of Ontario.


You will automatically be re-assessed for scholarship consideration once your final grades have been received. If your grades have increased since your offer of admission, we will review your final grades and notify you via email and SOLUS if you become eligible for a grades-based admission scholarship.

Step 7: Set up Academic Accommodations

If you experience barriers in the academic learning environment due to disability-related functional impacts, connect with Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS) to discuss whether academic accommodations may help remove or reduce those barriers.  We encourage incoming students to connect with QSAS in Spring or early Summer to begin the process. Start by uploading your documentation and/or completing the student intake survey in the QSAS Online Intake Portal. Once your information has been received, a QSAS Intake Coordinator will contact you to discuss next steps. 

Learn how to register with QSAS
Learn about our disability documentation requirements
Contact our Intake Coordinator for more information

Please note that if you have applied to live in Residence and require an accommodation for your living environment, there is a separate process that can be accessed via the Student Residence and Dining Portal.


Step 8: Manage your Finances in SOLUS

Check SOLUS (under ‘View Financial Aid’ link) to find out when your award(s) will be applied to your account. The first half of the award value will be applied to in mid-August before the Fall term tuition payment deadline. The second half  be applied to your SOLUS student account in early December before to the Winter term tuition payment deadline.
For all awards administered by the Student Awards Office (e.g. Queen's bursaries, awards, and scholarships granted on admission), payments will be applied on your account to all current and future university charges (e.g. Fall term tuition and student activity fees, Fall term Residence, Winter Term Tuition, and Winter term residence).

Learn more about navigating SOLUS.

Learn more about paying tuition and fees.


Make sure your current information is up to date in the Finances section of SOLUS. Your banking information allows Queen’s to process any refunds directly into your bank account. Please note that Queen’s will not deduct payments directly from your bank account, and any awards will be deposited to your student account, not your bank account.

If you are coming to Canada for the first time, you will have the opportunity to open a Canadian bank account and update your information after you arrive.

Update your banking information.

The Queen’s ‘Verification of Enrolment’ form allows you to withdraw money from your RESP. This form is available in your SOLUS account. All you have to do is download it and send it to your RESP provider.

Learn more about RESP.

All fall tuition and fees as shown on your Account Summary in SOLUS must be paid by September 30, 2022.

Step 9: Update your Fall 2022 Student Contact Information

Please update your Fall 2022 address, phone number and emergency contact information in SOLUS. Watch for a link in your “To Do” list (on the top right of your SOLUS screen) for next steps. 

Step 10: Prep to Stay Well

Student Wellness Services can support many of your physical, mental, and sexual health needs.

Review all COVID-19-related health and safety info on the Safe Return to Campus website.

Queen's strongly encourages you to make sure all your immunizations are up to date all your immunizations up to date (see Ontario’s routine immunization schedule) and that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This is a good time to visit your health care professional and review your immunizations. Please bring a copy of your immunization record to campus, you may need it if you visit Student Wellness Services.

For more information about vaccines in residence, visit the Queen's Residences FAQs.


If you currently take any prescription medications, contact the health care professional who prescribed them and see if it is appropriate to bring a 3-month supply of your medications with you to school.  You can transfer your prescription to a local Kingston pharmacy (e.g., DrugSmart on campus) and/or book a medical appointment at Student Wellness Services.

If you have a health condition that requires ongoing specialized health care in Kingston, ask your health care professional to send referrals to community specialists in the Kingston area. If assistance is needed with this process, Student Wellness Services can help. 

Step 11: Tell us About Your Food Allergies and Dietary Needs

Hospitality Services take allergies and dietary needs very seriously. Dietary needs include food allergies, intolerance, food-related medical conditions, or dietary needs related to religious or cultural observance. You are encouraged to take the following steps before arriving on campus:

  1. Complete Hospitality Services’ Allergy/Dietary Needs Intake Form accessible through the Student Portal (available to incoming students beginning mid-May). 
  2. Book an appointment with Hospitality Services’ Registered Dietitian to discuss how your dietary needs can be accommodated on the meal plan. All students are encouraged to “Ask Before You Eat."
  3. Learn more about Hospitality Services and Dietary Accommodations.
  4. Get details about the Residence meal plan.
  5. Watch Hospitality Services' video about their allergy program.

If you are living off-campus, you can buy one of our off-campus meal plans any time during the academic year. We have multiple meal plan options available designed to meet the needs of your on-campus lifestyle.

Off-campus meal plans.

Step 12: Enrolment & Course Selection

If you are in one of the following programs, you will have some, or all, of your courses automatically added to your schedule by your Faculty or School in late June. 

  • Commerce
  • Concurrent Education
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Kinesiology
  • Engineering and Applied Science
  • Health Sciences

Log in to SOLUS beginning July 11, to view your pre-enrolled class schedule.

Students who choose some or all of their courses will be able to see their Enrolment Appointment time in SOLUS beginning July 11th. This is also when you may begin adding classes to your Shopping Cart.

Beginning July 11th, access your SOLUS Student Centre to view your enrolment appointment and begin adding courses to your shopping cart. Your enrolment appointment is your specific date and time when you may enrol in your courses. In advance of the start of your enrolment appointment, it is a good idea to add your courses to your shopping cart and build your schedule so that you are ready to enrol once your Enrolment Appointment begins. 

NOTE: You won't be able to actually enrol in the courses until your Enrolment Appointment begins.

There are three Enrolment Periods:

Class Selection I -- Restricted Enrolment - start of your appointment time to July 25 at 11:30 pm EST: Your enrolment appointment time will be your first opportunity to enrol in your courses. We suggest that you enrol as soon as your appointment time begins. Some courses may have enrolment restrictions on them. These restrictions are there to ensure that students who require certain courses receive priority. 

Class Selection II -- Open Enrolment - begins at 8 am on July 27 and ends at 11:59 pm on July 31: Most enrolment restrictions will be removed, although some online classes may still have restrictions.  

Open Enrolment – begins August 15: This is an opportunity for you to make changes to your schedule.  If you need help, please contact your Faculty/School.

Read the Guide to Registration and Fees for a step-by-step guide on how to enrol in courses. If you need help selecting courses, please contact your Faculty/School.

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