Residence Self-Selection

Self-selection is the process we use to determine your residence building and room. The online self-selection platform allows you to log in and view available bed spaces across our 18 residence buildings. 

After you have applied and paid your deposit, and the application/deposit deadline has passed, a lottery process assigns you a number which determines your room self-selection date and time. If you have a lower number, you’ll have an earlier self-selection date and time, and will be selecting from a larger pool of available buildings and room types. If you have a higher number, your self-selection date and time will be later, meaning there will be less inventory available when you select.  

We strongly encourage you to plan ahead and have a list of your preferred buildings and room types (in order), ready to go, when you log in on your self-selection day and time.

You will be able to search available rooms/beds by various attributes, including by building, room type, carpet free, etc. Once you’ve selected your building, you can choose your floor and then you will see the rooms available on that floor. Depending on the available inventory at the time of your selection, you can choose a room close to a lounge, near a bathroom, or an elevator (or not), depending on what is important to you!

Self-Selection Dates for 2024-25

Upper Year

  • Week of February 26th 2024: We will email you at your Queen’s email address with your self-selection date and time 
  • Week of March 4th 2024: Students will self-select their rooms

First Year 

  • July 10 2024: Self-selection webinar
  • Week of July 8th 2024: We will email you at your Queen’s email address with your self-selection date and time 
  • July 15-16 (8:30am - 4:00pm ET): Students selected for Living and Learning Communities, and those who applied to a Unique Community
  • July 17-18 (8:30am - 4:00pm ET): Students with approved accommodations
  • July 18 (8:30am - 4:00pm ET): Students requesting Loft Doubles
  • July 24-25 (8am - 7pm ET) and July 26 (8am - 4pm ET): General self-selection will take place this week for all other students

Self-selection Instructions

Step 1: Access the Student Residence and Dining Portal

Step 2: Log in with your Queen’s NetID and password.

Step 3: Note your self-selection date and time, which will be on the left side of your landing page

Step 4: On your assigned date and time, click on the “Residence Self Selection” icon. The icon will not be visible before your allocated date and time.

Step 5: Follow the directions in the portal to make your room selection. Click on the room number to see what the room style is if you are unsure.

Step 6: Complete the self-selection process by clicking FINISH.  

Please note: when you click "Finish", your room selection will be locked in. You will not be able to go back to make a different selection.

When you click “Finish”, you will be taken to a confirmation page.

You will also receive a notice in your @queensu email that confirms your selection.  

Residence Self-Selection Webinar Replay from 2024

Please note that some aspects of the process may have changed from the 2023-24 academic year.

Want to Learn More About our Residence Buildings?

Visit our buildings page to explore what all of our buildings have to offer! Each building page contains specific details regarding the amenities for each building, descriptions and pictures of typical rooms and furnishings in that building, internet availability, bed sizes, and more. 

Our Buildings

Preferred Roommates

If you are in a preferred roommate group, it means that on your residence application, you identified specific roommate(s) that you want to live with. During self-selection, you will only have access to multi-occupancy room types. Everyone in the roommate group will receive an individual self-selection date and time. Once one group member selects the room, all other members will be pulled into the room. 

We will do our best to ensure there is enough inventory to meet the demand of preferred roommate groups. Please note that single plus rooms are not considered to be multi-occupancy rooms.  

If you do not have a preferred roommate group, you will be assigned an individual self-selection date and time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The available room inventory is based on your self-selection date and time. We will open a room change process in mid-September.

You can submit a health accommodation form on the Student Residence and Dining Portal at any point throughout the year. We will do our best to meet your accommodation needs, but you may have to wait until a suitable room becomes available through cancellations or withdrawals. Please be aware that a room may not be available until well after move-in has taken place.

If you have an approved accommodation, the Residence Support Coordinator would have emailed you to approve it. You will have access to a space or choice of spaces in residence during the Self-Selection process that meets your approved accommodation. If you have multiple accommodation requirements, the Residence Admissions team may need to manually place you in your room.

Rooms that become available through withdraws and cancellations will be offered to students on our waitlist. 

When you select the floor you are interested in you will see a green bed icon that indicates the bed is available for selection.  

If you have not selected a room when the self-selection process closes, you will be manually placed in a room by the Residence Admissions team, we will communicate your assignment, and you will be required to respond to that email to confirm you continue to wish to live in residence. You may also ask the Residence Admissions team to enter self-selection at your specified date and time and pick a room on your behalf. You should provide as much information to the Residence Admissions team as possible including preferred buildings, room styles, access to amenities, and/or other considerations. Please contact Residence Admissions at for assistance prior to self-selection.

If you have not self-selected when the self-selection process is complete (or asked the Residence Admissions team to select your room on your behalf), you will be randomly placed in one of the rooms that have not been chosen. It is impossible for us to predict what rooms will be left however typically single rooms on west campus will remain open as well as some multioccupancy rooms on main campus.