Community and Belonging

Why Choose Queen's Residence

“I loved my experience in residence. I can safely say that my time in Leonard Hall was the best year I've had at Queen's. All of my housemates now lived on my floor three years ago, and we will likely be friends for life. There is nothing better than Lenny brunch or a late-night Lazy burrito with friends.”

Ben H.

Residence Pillars

Sense of Belonging

We encourage you to feel a connection to Queen's and cultivate a responsibility for active engagement in creating an inclusive community while students at Queen's University and throughout your life. 

Building Resilience

We encourage you to problem solve, think critically, accept responsibility for your actions, learn, ask for help, access support resources, and grow from challenging experiences. 

Academic Success

We help you identify and strive to achieve realistic and tangible goals that contribute to your overall academic efforts. 


Living in residence encourages active participation in the community – in residence, locally and globally. We encourage you to be respectful and engage civically as you grow and personally develop as a member of the Queen’s residence community. 




First-year students who live in Residence have a....

Higher Retention Rate

Higher Graduation Rate

Source: Academica Forum 

Community Connection

In addition to the sense of community, you will find within residence, as a Queen’s student there are endless opportunities to be involved in any number of groups, clubs and services to broaden your connection to the campus community. Explore some of the websites of our campus partners, helping to support a positive experience for your transition and growth through university.

Key Campus Partners: