Goal Setting  - Skill Building - Diverse Learning

Residence Life and Services will help you identify and strive to achieve realistic and tangible goals that contribute to your academic success. The residence environment intends to support your academic achievement by offering several dedicated study spaces, encouraging mutual respect among residents, enforcing specified quiet hours, and offering many free programs and services to help you reach your academic potential.  

You will develop self-management, critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, and writing skills that help you balance your course load and recognize the connection between skill building and academic success. 



Academic Programming in Residence

Throughout the academic year, we work collaboratively with Faculty members, Student Academic Success Services, and other campus partners to offer you academic programming while living in residence. Past academic programs have included: 

  • First Day of School Program 
  • Learning Resource Fair 
  • Lunch with the Dean Series 
  • Workshops facilitated by Student Academic Success Services focusing on topics like time management, procrastination and motivation, exam preparation. 
  • Upper Year Program Panel 
  • Drop-In Tutoring for PSYC 100, CHEM 112, PHYS 110, BIOL 102 
  • Mini-Academic Advising Appointments with Peer Academic Support Services 
  • Exam Study Kits 



Study Spaces

We know that having a quiet place to study is important for staying focused. Your room can be a great place to study but if you need a change of scenery, we have a number of options across our buildings ranging from individual study carrels, private study rooms, group study spaces, and multipurpose common rooms.  

Check out these great study spots: 

  • Study Room in Leggett Hall and Watts Hall
  • Victoria Hall Upper Common Room
  • Jean Royce Hall C140
  • Chown Hall Second Floor Common Room
  • Waldron Tower Private Study Room
  • Morris Hall Basement Study Room
  • Brant House study carrels on the main floor. 
  • Ban Righ Tower Lounge

Do you have any questions regarding academic support while living in residence? Feel free to contact our Academic Initiatives Coordinator, Olivia Winder.