How to Withdraw

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2022-23 Queen's Withdrawal From Residence Policy

After you have taken occupancy of a residence room or picked up keys, you cannot cancel your residence agreement and are financially responsible for the full 8-month term residence fees (or 4-month term fees for fall-only or winter-only exchange students). With the exception of students who are withdrawing from the University for academic or medical reasons. 

Medical and Academic Withdrawal 

You may request cancellation of the agreement only if withdrawing from the University for academic or medical reasons. If you are withdrawing for one of these 2 reasons, there are three things you must do to receive a prorated refund of your residence fees: 

  1. Withdraw from program courses through the faculty or Registrar’s office (course enrolment cancellation is verified by the Residence Admissions office) 
  2. Complete the Residence withdrawal form in the Residence and Dining Portal
  3. and return it to the Residence Admissions office 
  4. Vacate your room and return keys to the designated front desk for your building 

The withdrawal from residence date will be based on the date that all 3 steps are completed.

Fee Refund Schedule

For approved medical and academic withdrawals only.

Residence room and board refunds (not applicable to flex portion of meal plan, which remains available for use in future years or deposits which are non-refundable) 

Fall term 

Prorated to withdrawal date until November 1st 
November 1 to end of fall term – 0% (but student will be released from winter term fees) 

Winter term 

Prorated to withdrawal date until March 1st 
March 1 to move out – 0% 

Prorated to withdrawal date until March 1 
March 1 to move out – 0% 


Withdrawal from Residence but not Academics 

If you want to withdraw from residence but do not plan to withdraw academically, you will be permitted to do so, without financial penalty, if another student not currently living in residence can be found to take over your contract.

If you want to withdraw from Residence without withdrawing from academics for a situation in which you feel that the Residence environment is causing a medical concern, you must set up a meeting with the Residence Admissions Manager to be advised on this process.  These requests will be assessed on a case by case basis involving the Residence Admissions Manager and Director of Residence Life and Services.  


Termination of Contract for Disciplinary Reasons

If the University terminates your contract as a result of a violation of the Residence Contract, University Policies and/or Residence Community Standards, you remain responsible for payment of the full residence fees for the 8-month term ( 4-month term for half term exchange students). If your contract is terminated for this reason, you will not be eligible to live in Residence or Queen’s Community Housing for the remainder of the current academic year.  Housing requests for future academic years may be considered on an individual basis. 

If more information is needed, please visit the Residence Admissions office in Victoria Hall, room D001 or by emailing or by calling 613-533-2550.