Don’t save up your dirty laundry all semester – we’ve got you covered!  



Front load washing machine with door open and towel hanging out.

Residence building laundry rooms contain front-loading washers and dryers with detailed operating instructions. Front-loading machines require high-efficiency laundry detergent.  

To find out where your laundry room is located, visit your building page.  The cost per load is $2.25/wash and $2.25/dry. You will pay for your laundry using the Coinamatic app. Please ensure that you only put one load of clothes into the dryer and empty the lint screen after each use. 

Directly report a laundry machine maintenance issue with Coinamatic at 1-800-561-1972

Looking for help using the Coinamatic app to do laundry? Watch this video

Laundry FAQs


Mobile Phone Upload Instructions for Coinmatic


Coinamatic App Instructions: 

  1. Download the Coinamatic CP Mobile App 

  1. Enable Bluetooth (Wifi or Data required) 

  1. Register/Sign In 

  1. Add Funds 

  1. Load clothes and select desired settings on the machine 

  1. On the app, enter machine # or scan QR code on the reader and pay for the cycle 

  1. Press start on machine 
    *Note: Download the app AND add funds to receive a free wash and dry!* 

Watch this instructional video on paying with the app.

Watch this helpful video to learn more:  

Each load cost $4.10 ($2.25 wash and $1.85 dry). 
Please note: pricing is determined by Coinamatic and is subject to change. 

Coinamatic suggests using detergent specially formulated for high-efficiency front-loading washers. 
 Look for the HE symbol on the detergent packaging. 


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If you are using regular detergent, please use only ¼ cup. 

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