Room Changes

Want to Change Rooms?

Complete  a Room Change Request Form on the Student Residence and Dining Portal outlining why you feel a room change is necessary and detailing what efforts you have made to address and resolve issues. The room change process will open on September 11th, 2023.

Information about requesting a room change:

  • The information in your Room Change Request Form is shared with Residence Admissions and the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) for your building. Your RLC may schedule a meeting with you to discuss your request. 
  • If your request is for health reasons, you must complete our Residence Health Accommodation form: Residences Health Accommodation. The form must be filled out by the Health Care Provider who diagnosed your health condition. 
  • Room changes are based on the merit and need of the request (not first come, first serve), so the more information you can provide, the easier it is for our office to assess your request. The more open you are to room types (ie. Single, double, triple, etc.) the more likely that your room change request will be able to be processed more quickly. Single plus rooms are the most sought after and we typically have the least available inventory of single plus rooms available.
  • Room offers accommodate specific needs or issues, not preferences, and are based on room availability at the time. If we have offered a suitable room and you decline, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list until all other waiting students have received a room offer.
  • Please be aware that moving to a different style of room (ie. Double to single) will result in additional fees.
  • A $26.25 administration and room cleaning fee may apply for your room change.

We are not able to provide showings or tours of offered rooms. 

If you have been offered a multi-occupancy room, we are not able to give you information regarding your new roommates or an opportunity to meet them in order to maintain their privacy. 

Interior of a room in Smith House. Room features a bed, desk, and some shelving.

View of the side of Brant House on a sunny day. Gordon Brockington House is in the background.

​​A double room in Jean Royce Hall. Room features two beds, desks, and wardrobes.