The Student Residence and Dining Portal is a platform that provides students who are applying to live in residence with access to a variety of forms and information such as their student profile, room allocation, health accommodations, meal plan information, maintenance requests and Flex $ balance.  

Throughout your stay in residence, you will use the portal to complete several forms to help the residence team better support you during your stay at residence. 


Resources accessible through the Student Residence and Dining Portal:

  • Room Change Request Form 

  • Meal Assistance Form – if you can’t pick up your meals due to isolating, illness or injury. 

  • Allergy & Dietary Intake Form – a Registered Dietician will connect with you to discuss your needs and support you to find suitable culinary options while in residence. 

  • Proof of Address Form 

  • Room Maintenance Request Form 

  • Withdrawal Request Form 

  • Health / Non-Health Accommodation Form 

Visit the Student Residence and Dining Portal