Move-In Details

2024 Move-In

We are thrilled to welcome you for Move-In weekend, and to our vibrant Residence community.

This page will serve as your centralized hub for all essential pre-arrival details.

The majority of residence Move-In will take place on Saturday, August 31, 2024. More details to come.




Important Dates

July 5-7, 12-13: SOAR

July 10 at 6 pm: Self-Selection webinar

Week of July 15: Students with approved accommodations, those selected for Living and Learning Communities, those who applied to a Unique Community, or those who requested a Loft Double will self-select their rooms.

Week of July 22: Self-selection will take place this week for all other students

August 30 – 31: Move-In weekend

Next Steps

You have applied for Residence and have received your acceptance into Queen’s University. Here is what you need to know next leading up to your arrival on campus. Review valuable information for your Residence and academic transitions on our Next Steps pages:

Residence Next Steps

University Next Steps

Before Move-In

Mandatory Requirements before you move in to residence.

Before you are given your keys, the following are required:

  1. Submit your photo to the Registrar’s Office via SOLUS. Please note: photo must be submitted via SOLUS 24 hours prior to arrival.
  2. Have agreed to and signed your Residence Contract. The 2024-2025 Residence Contract outlines expectations for all residence community members. It is available on the Student Residence & Dining Portal in mid-July.
  3. Please bring a government-issued ID with you on Move-In weekend.

To request an accommodation for your Move-In, please email

Bed & Bath Linens 

If you want to make your Move-In weekend a breeze, check out Campus Linens. They've got everything you need for a comfy stay, from bed linens to bath packages, and they'll deliver straight to your residence room! Just make sure to read their website carefully before ordering.


Healthy Start

Plan to arrive on campus with the recommended vaccinations and be sure to visit your family doctor before arriving to campus if needed and ensure you bring all your up-to-date prescriptions.


The City of Kingston welcomes you!

The limestone city has so much to offer visitors to Kingston. We know that moving into Queen’s Residence is a huge milestone and hope to share in the excitement with you, your family, and supports. Explore beautiful downtown Kingston and other ways to make Move-In weekend special together. Visit Kingston! Be sure to book your accommodations early as many hotels sell out quickly during that time.

Mindful Move-In

At Queen's University we are conscious of our environmental impact. As you prepare for moving into residence, we have a few mindful Move-In tips to help you make more sustainable decisions and purchases and make this year's move a greener one.

View Mindful Move-In Tips

GOOD TO GO Initiative

At Queen’s University sustainability is a high priority.

When eating on campus in retail locations the GOOD TO GO reusable container initiative helps divert single-use containers from waste streams. As a residence student, you are automatically enrolled and will receive a carabiner in your welcome package. Last year 210,452 were diverted. This year we challenge you to bet that number.


Packing for Residence

To be able to connect to Queen’s ResNet system, you must have:

  • A Windows or Mac-based personal computer with a currently supported operating system.
  • A 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet compatible network interface or one available USB port for an external network adapter.
  • If your computer is wireless only, then you will need to install your own wireless router on your ResNet Ethernet connection.

View our IT Services Page to Learn More

  • a personal computer
  • bedding and a favourite pillow*
  • ethernet cable
  • wireless router (optional)* — More information on ResIT Services.
  • a small fridge* (3.5 cubic feet or smaller)
  • reusable water bottle – Queen’s is a water bottle-free campus
  • reusable coffee thermos or mug
  • cloth or another type of safe, reusable mask
  • reusable shopping bags
  • earplugs
  • bathrobe and container for soap, shampoo, etc. shower flip flops
  • laundry basket or bag
  • desk lamp
  • hangers
  • memory foam
  • alarm clock
  • storage boxes for your room
  • favourite books and decorations
  • sticky-tack adhesive for decorations
  • dishware and eating utensils
  • a small first aid kit, thermometer, hand sanitizer, flashlight and batteries
  • winter clothing (scarves, hats, coats, etc.)
  • semi-formal wear

Some rooms may require different-sized bed sheets or may come with mini-fridges, or wireless internet. Visit our building pages to learn more.

  • A bed (some buildings have singles, others have doubles)
  • A dresser and a mirror
  • A desk and chair
  • A bookshelf and bulletin board
  • A closet or wardrobe
  • Internet access in each room — standard connection is through an ethernet port, however, some buildings have wireless internet. Check your building details. If you'd like to have wireless internet in your room, please bring a router (more information is available on IT services)
  • Laundry facilities and a reloadable laundry card
  • All floors have irons, an ironing board, and a vacuum.
  • All buildings have a common room, microwave, kettle, and toaster.

  • beer bottles and drinking games 
  • alcohol and illegal drugs 
  • hotplates, toaster ovens, microwaves, rice cookers, and small cooking appliances 
  • candles, fireworks, or firecrackers 
  • halogen lamps or sunlamps 
  • large stereos 
  • furniture – rooms come furnished, and you are not permitted to remove any furniture from your room 
  • weapons of any type or size (martial arts weapons must be stored outside of residence) 
  • pets – with the exception of approved service animals, or if you're living in a pet-friendly unique community
  • single-use plastic water bottles 

Please note that Queen’s is a smoke and vape-free campus

Please note that Queen’s is a Bottled Water Free Campus 

Residence Move-In Webinar 2023

Learn more about the Move-In process for residences.  In this video, we discussed getting to campus, key pickup, what to bring, how Move-In works, and other considerations for the big day.