Front Desk & Keys

Front Desk Services 

Life in Residence happens 24/7. The Front Desk Services team is here to help you regardless of the time of day! If your question or concern is not related to living in residence, we will do our best to refer or connect you to the appropriate campus resource or department. 


Victoria Hall Desk 


75 Bader Lane
Open 24 hours

Main administration desk (keys, access concerns, and questions) for the following buildings: Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, Brant House, Chown Hall, Gordon Brockington House, Leggett Hall, McNeill House, Morris Hall, Smith House, Victoria Hall, Waldron Tower, and Watts Hall.* 

*From 12:00 AM - 8:00 AM daily, Victoria Hall will assist building normally served by the Endaayaan – Tkanónsote Front Desk (Endaayaan – Tkanónsote, Harkness Hall, and Leonard Hall).

Jean Royce Hall Desk 


535 Union Street
Open 24 hours

Main desk for Jean Royce Hall

Watts Hall Desk 


23 Lower Albert Street

Open Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Reading Week Hours from February 18 — February 26 
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Mail and Parcel pickup location for Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, Brant House, Chown Hall, Gordon Brockington Hall, Leggett Hall, McNeill House, Morris Hall, Smith House, Waldron Tower, and Watts Hall. 

Endaayaan – Tkanónsote Desk

156 Albert Street,
Queen’s University
Kingston, ON K7L 3V2
Open daily 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Reading Week Hours from February 18 — February 26 
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Main desk for Endaayaan – Tkanónsote, Harkness Hall, and Leonard Hall. 

Endaayaan – Tkanónsote Front Desk also processes mail for the Endaayaan – Tkanónsote, Harkness Hall, Leonard Hall, and Victoria Hall. 

If your Front Desk location is closed, please give us a call (613-533-2531), or email us and we'll help you with what you need. 

What can the Front Desk help you with?

  • Move in and move out of residence (key returns or exchanges) 
  • Access during room changes (Pending approval from the Residence Admissions team) 
  • Troubleshooting facilities and maintenance issues (laundry and laundry cards, lockouts, lost keys) 
  • Access to security, emergency services or other student life referrals (I.e. Residence Life On-call personnel) 
  • Processing and distribution for Residence parcel and mail 
  • Advising on general information about the campus and the community 

Mail in Residence

Person handing a package to another person

Residence Mail Processing

Incoming Mail 

When you order a parcel or your friends and loved ones send you items, your package will get delivered to your building's designated Front Desk. Include the following information to ensure that your mail gets processed correctly and promptly please only use the mailing address specified on your building page.   

Visit your building page to view your new address and the designated Front Desk where you will pick up your mail. A personalized email notification from will inform you of your mail location and parcel tracking ID number. Once you receive the notification, bring your student card and parcel ID number to the Front Desk to pick up your mail.  

Would you like to receive SMS text alerts instead of emails to your student account? You can update your Preferred Name and Cell phone number in the Student Residence & Dining Portal. Click 'Edit Profile," then the "Receive SMS notification" box and hit the save button.   

Please note* Mail delivered to residence may require up to 2 business days for processing due to volume.   

Person handing a box to another person

Notes about Mail in Residence

Outgoing Mail 

Red Canada Post boxes are available outside Jean Royce Hall main entrance stairs, at the corner of University & Stuart Streets, and near Adelaide Hall. Try Canada Post's 'Find a Post Office' for other postal outlets on campus.   


Due to safe food handling and temperature storage needs, the Front Desks cannot accept perishable deliveries, including but not limited to:  

  • Online grocery orders  
  • Fast food deliveries (uber eats, pizza delivery etc.) 
  • Meal Service boxes (Chef’s Plate, Goodfood etc.) 

Queen's Hospitality Services offers online ordering of QGift care boxes, and Campus Market groceries right to your residence building. LEARN MORE 

Prohibited Items

Mail received and parcels containing items that violate our Residence Community Standards cannot be processed by the Front Desk. These items will be referred to the Residence Conduct Office for review. 

We are not able to accept items or packages at the Front Desk that require proof of age verifications. If you are ordering a package that requires proof of age, please make other delivery or pick-up arrangements, such as Canada Post’s Flex Delivery

What should I do if...

Connect with your Residence Front Desk for support 

If something in your room needs repair, be sure to fill out a Maintenance Request Order. If you notice something that needs to be fixed in a public area (common room, washroom, or hallway), contact your Front Desk.

You can check with the Residence Front Desks for lost and found items. If you have lost your Student card, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office, or visit Lost Student card

Visit our partners in Event Services for the most accurate information about our Conference Season offers.

Facilities Control Centre (FCC)

Where to find us 

The Residence Facilities Control Centre (ResFCC) Office is located in Victoria Hall, on the Ground Floor of D wing.   

Contact us: 

In Person: D007; 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding STAT holidays).  

By Phone 613-533-3155 

By Email:  

What we do 

We assist students and staff with all maintenance, cleaning, access control and facilities reporting. We work closely with all departments in Residence to ensure a safe living environment. The FCC team is here to help you! Connect with us during our operating times noted above or via your Residence Front Desk team 24/7. 

An important part of our relationship with you is through residence keysets and electronic key fobs. 

Residence keysets and electronic key-fobs maintain the safety and security of all student living environments. Residence keysets cannot be copied at a hardware store, unlike many other keys. When a keyset is lost, the lock is replaced out of precaution to the students. 

There are fees associated with losing your keyset, electronic key-fob, even if it's temporary or you are locked out of your space. 


The following fees may be applied for replacement keysets and electronic key fobs.  All fees will be directly billed to your SOLUS account if applicable. 
































































Key Type Lock Out Grace Period Lost Key Broken Key 
Electronic Key-Fob N/A N/A $10 $0
Key Set (Metal key rings) $10 $10 $95 $0
































































Charges as of April 1st increase to $25 for electronic key fobs and $175 for Keysets.
































































































































What is your Grace Period?  

If you have misplaced their keyset and want time to locate it, you can request a "grace period" of no more than 2 business days to find your keyset and present it to the Facilities Control Centre prior to the end of the grace period.  

If you are unable to produce your keys before the end of your grace period, you may be subject to a lock change to ensure safety and security of your community. If you have questions or concerns about the timeline, please visit or reach out to us and we can connect further. 

If you live in a building with electronic keyfobs as your bedroom access, you are not eligible for a grace period. Your keyfob will be deactivated and you will be given a new electronic keyfob.