Residence Next Steps

Welcome to the Queen's Residence community!

We're thrilled you've chosen to start your first year in residence. On this page, you'll find important details about Self-Selection, Health and Non-Health Accommodations, Living and Learning Communities, and Roommates.

Residence Health and Non-Health Accommodations

You will receive an automatic confirmation upon successful submission of a Residence Accommodation Form (health or non-health). If you have submitted a request for a health/creed/spirituality/gender expression identity request before the June 3 deadline, we will contact you via email before June 28. Requests received after this date will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, but room availability may be limited, and late accommodation requests may not be able to be resolved prior to self-selection and/or move-in.

Living and Learning Communities

If you have applied to a Living and Learning Community, we will contact you in late June/early July with the status of your application. If you are successful, we will provide you with information about where the LLC will be located along with the opportunity to opt out, if you wish, by a specified deadline. You must opt out via the form on the Student Residence and Dining Portal. The form will open on June 27, 2024.


Between March 6 and June 3, if a friend has invited you to join a roommate group, you will receive an email notification. You will need to accept the invitation by logging into your existing application on the Student Residence and Dining Portal. Once the deadline has passed it is not possible to form new roommate groups.