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Stay connected and in the know with Residence Connection — our monthly newsletter for parents and supporters of students living in residence. Stay updated on all the services, events, and experiences happening in your student's residence here at Queen's University.

Join our community to stay connected, support your student, and be part of their residence journey.



Past Issues of Residence Connection

Issue 1 (summer)

This issue of Residence Connection focuses on Residence Move-In. We want to ensure your student has completed all their requirements before arriving on campus, and provide tips and processes to help make your move-in experience smooth and efficient! 

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Issue 2

Essential Resources for your student’s success Find out what resources are available for your student: clubs, academic support services, and more.

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Issue 3

Navigating University Life: Mental Health and Academic Support. Empowering Your Student: Mental Health, Academic Excellence, Vaccines, and More!

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Issue 4

Supporting your student through final exams, hiring in residence & more exciting news! Send study snacks, student academic resources, and student staff hiring in residence!

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Issue 5

Empower Your Student: Unlock Winter Success Resources Here! Student success and wellbeing resources to help your student thrive in their winter term.

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Issue 6

From Midterms to Reading Week: Your Student's Roadmap for February at Queen's. Navigating midterms, housing searches, and more – our February tips for students and parents or supporters.

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Issue 7

Residence Connection March Edition - Navigating the End of Term. Important dates, events, and valuable resources for your student!

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Issue 8

Residence Connection April Edition - End-of-Term Essentials for Your Student. Move Out details, Academic help and study tips, and preparing for next year!

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