Residence Life Staff

Residence Life Coordinators

Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) are full-time, professional live-in staff responsible for establishing a cohesive and vibrant residence community. They support and develop our community through educational programming, team development, critical response, and student conduct. RLCs are available to discuss any questions regarding community or resident concerns.

Emma Ferguson


Residence Life Coordinator for Jean Royce Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 77423

Sali Lafrenie


Residence Life Coordinator for Victoria Hall (Floors 1, 2, & 3)

613-533-6000 + ext. 78327

Nichola Burnside-Marshall


Residence Life Coordinator for Victoria Hall ( Floors 4, 5 & 6)

613-533-6000 + ext. 79015

Kofi Sakyi


Residence Life Coordinator for Leggett Hall and McNeill House

613-533-6000 + ext. 77860

Lucy Chandler


Residence Life Coordinator for Brant House and Leonard Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 79295

Nancy Truong


Residence Life Coordinator for Chown Hall, Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, and Harkness Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 78325

Beau Boyer


Residence Life Coordinator for Waldron Tower and Watts Hall

613-533-6000 + ext. 78328

Sam Williams


Residence Life Coordinator for David C. Smith House and Gordon Brockington House

613-533-6000 + ext. 79739

Embedded Counsellors

Shannon Bovey, M.Ed., RP, CCC


Residence Mental Health Therapist 

613-533-6000 + ext. 78034

Victoria Hall, C103

Charlotte Londry, MA


Residence Mental Health Therapist 

613-533-6000 + ext. 78139

Victoria Hall, C104

Senior Front Desk Representatives

Lauralei Gordon



Catherine Landon


Administration Secretary


Angela Laming


Admissions Assistant 

613-533-6000 + ext. 77217

Residence Conduct

Alison Meehan


Administrative Assistant, Conduct


Matt Fouzie


Conduct Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 79295


Deighton Edwards


Residence Support Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 79769


Residence Education

Amy Okesola


An Clachan Community Coordinator


Assistant Managers

Maura Frunza


Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 79588

Allison Keyes


Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 75966

Carley Webb


Assistant Manager, Front Desk Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 77884

Leadership Team

Becky Shillington


Manager, Residence Life (Operations)

613-533-6000 + ext. 78675

Parmveer Mundi


Manager, Residence Conduct

613-533-6000 + ext. 79548

Lindsay Stoness


Manager, Residence Admissions

613-533-6000 + ext. 77923

Kate Murray


Director, Residence Life and Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 36328