Residence Life Staff

Residence Life

Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) are full-time, professional live-in staff responsible for establishing a cohesive and vibrant residence community. They support and develop our community through educational programming, team development, critical response, and student conduct. RLCs are available to discuss any questions regarding community or resident concerns.

Sarah Morrow


RLC for Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ Hall, and Jean Royce Hall 

613-533-6000 + ext. 76808


Beau Boyer


RLC for Gordon Brockington House and Watts Hall 

613-533-6000 + ext. 74163

Sam Williams


RLC for Waldron House and McNeill House 

613-533-6000 + ext. 78505

Sunny Mi


RLC for Endaayaan – Tkanónsote and Harkness Hall 

613-533-6000 + ext. 78226

Reagan Srigley


RLC for Victoria Hall (Floors 4, 5 & 6) 
Support to Victoria Hall (Floors 1, 2 & 3) 

613-533-6000 + ext. 79955

Aidan Swirsky


RLC for Chown and Leonard Hall


Veronica Sewilski


RLC for Brant House and Morris Hall

613-533-6000 + ext 77943

Jack Porter


Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 79863

Emma Ferguson


Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services
Support for Leggett Hall and David C. Smith House 

613-533-6000 + ext. 77423

Parmveer Mundi


Assistant Director, Residence Life and Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 79548

Residence Mental Health Therapists

To book a session, please visit the Residence Mental Health Therapists page for information about booking.

Nadia Sawaya Fehr


Residence Mental Health Therapist

613-533-6000 + ext. 78330

Victoria Hall, C104


Terra Sweigard


Residence Mental Health Therapist

613-533-6000 + ext. 79030

Victoria Hall, C103


Front Desk

Steven Bates


Senior Front Desk Representative

613-533-2531 + ext. 32531

Lorrie-Anne McCullough


Senior Front Desk Representative

613-533-6363 + ext. 36363

Gabby De la Rosa


Assistant Manager, Front Desk Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 79169

Residence Admissions

Angela Laming

Residence Admissions Assistant

613-533-6000 + ext. 77217

Tom Gallini


Manager, Residence Admissions

613-533-6000 + ext. 75665

Residence Conduct

Alison Meehan


Administrative Assistant, Conduct


Matt Fouzie


Conduct Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 79295

Deighton Edwards


Residence Support Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext. 79769

Residence Education

Michelle Kenyon


Academic Initiatives Coordinator

613-533-6000 + ext 78850

Amanda Keenan


Communications Coordinator

613-533-9868 ext 39868

Maura Frunza


Manager, Residence Education

613-533-6000 + ext. 79588

Leadership Team

Kate Murray


Director, Residence Life and Services

613-533-6000 + ext. 36328