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The ongoing global pandemic has created disruption and uncertainty for all of us. We want to reassure you that student success, safety, and well-being are at the centre of every decision we make.

Visit our COVID-19 Information / Safe Return website for all of the latest university updates related to COVID-19.

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At Queen's, our welcoming living and learning environments offer students the programs and services needed to be successful. Of course, students still look to their parents or guardians for guidance.

This page is designed to guide you, Queen's parents and guardians, to information and resources that will empower your student to succeed, both academically and personally, at Queen's.

Sessional dates:

  • Academic calendars provide additional information on regulations, policies, programs, courses and degree requirements; or visit your student's faculty site for more details.
  • When making any travel plans, be sure to check the sessional dates specific to your student's faculty/school.

Fees and deadlines:

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Program-specific Information:

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