First-Year Foundation

onQ course starting July

FYF 100 Course

This self-directed course will help you prepare effectively for new academic expectations, introduce you to services and resources to support your academic success, outline important dates and deadlines, help you navigate administrative processes including financial accounts, and introduce you to onQ – Queen’s dedicated online learning management system. All incoming first-year students will be automatically enrolled in their onQ course in early July. In August, new content will be added, and then you will retain access until the end of your first year!  


July Launch

Welcome to Queen’s 

University Academics  

Your Queen’s Community 

August Launch

Student Life @ Queen’s 

Gael Values 

Faculty Orientation 

For more resources and support, please visit: 

Getting started on onQ  Student onQ support

If you did not see your First-Year Foundation onQ course on your homepage in early July, please contact with your name and student number.