Campus Meal Plans

Students not living in Residences are welcome to purchase a TAM Plan or Flex $ for dining in retail food locations during the fall term. Traditional Campus Meal Plans allowing access to the dining halls are temporarily suspended while Leonard dining hall is undergoing renovations. Flex $, debit, and cash access to the dining halls are also suspended during construction. We anticipate this construction will impact wait times for students living in residence on the mandatory Residence Meal Plan and have prioritized their access to the dining halls at this time. Please check back in January 2024 for options post-Leonard dining hall renovation. Should you have any questions or concerns about meal plan options please reach out to .

Top 5 reasons to purchase a meal plan: 

  1. The plan is loaded onto your student/staff card, so you don’t need to remember debit, or credit  
  2. Less time spent worrying about meal prep and track your spending on food and beverages
  3. Auto-enrollment into the GOOD TO GO reusable container initiative  
  4. It is accepted at all Hospitality Services retail food locations on campus  
  5. Works with the Transact Mobile App for online ordering

*TAM plans and Flex $ can be purchased any time throughout the year! 

*Residence students, your meal plan is included in your Residence Fees.

Choose your plan!

Receive 320 Trade a Meals that can be used in all retail locations on campus. 

Receive 200 Trade a Meals that can be used in all retail locations on campus. 

Receive 100 Trade a Meals that can be used in all retail locations on campus. 

Receive 50 Trade a Meals that can be used in all retail locations on campus. 

Your choice of any denomination to help you track your spending on meals, snacks, beverages. Flex $ can be added to any meal plan.

Buy more Flex $ and earn bonus Flex $!

Amount Purchased <$124 $125-$224 $225-$324 $325-$424 >$425
Rewards % 0% 5% 7% 10% 12%
Bonus Flex $ $0 $6.25-$11.25 $15.75-$22.68 $32.50-$42.40 >$51

*Bonus rewards apply to single transactions of >$124 when loading Flex $, repeat purchases <$125 do not accumulate reward points.
*Hospitality Services is not liable for lost or stolen cards containing Flex $ balances.

Check out this list of TAM meals from across campus that work with a TAM meal plan!


*Pricing is based on the 2023/24 term and may be  subject to change. 

Additional info on meal plans: 

  • TAM plan pricing includes HST however, individual Flex $ purchases are HST applicable.  
  • TAM plans are only usable in retail food locations, not dining halls.
  • Meal plans and TAMs expire at the end of the academic year, are non-exchangeable, non- transferable, and non-refundable. 
  • Flex $ expire at graduation for students and are otherwise refundable subject to an administration fee, *some exceptions may apply.
  • All TAM plans are subject to Terms & Conditions

Flex $

Flex $ is simply money loaded onto your student, staff or faculty card to help budget your spending on food and beverages on campus. With the swipe of your card, the transaction amount will be deducted from the balance on your card by the cashier at participating retail locations on campus.

This is a good option if you don’t want a full meal plan or are just looking for convenient snacks on the go. Flex $ can be topped up at any time. 



Trade a Meal (TAM): The convenience of TAMs allows you to “trade-in” a dining hall meal from a meal plan for a combo menu in our retail locations, adding flexibility to your meal plan to eat outside of the dining halls at participating locations across campus. You can use up to a maximum of four TAMs per day.  

Just look for the TAM Symbol TAM symbol on menus and let a cashier know you want to trade a meal. Want to add a snack or single-serve item on top of your TAM? Use Flex $, debit or credit to make up the difference. 


GOOD TO GO Reusable Container Initiative

Who doesn't want to save $0.75 per single-use container and help reduce waste? When you purchase a Campus Meal Plan you are automatically enrolled into the GOOD TO GO reusable container initiative.

Pick up your green carabiner in the main Hospitality Services Office in Victoria Hall, room E022. DO NOT LOSE IT. The carabiner will be your new side kick when choosing to reuse while dining in retail on campus.


New to Queen’s? 

  • If you have not obtained the new Employee photo ID card, please contact HR Reception at (613) 533-2070 or email to make an appointment  
  • If you are a student and have not obtained your new student ID card, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or call 613-533-2040


Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am