What's Open Now?

Welcome to Queen's University! 

We look forward to welcoming the incoming 2024-25 class in September.

During the summer, select retail food locations are open and our dining halls are open for pre-arranged group dining. 
Open locations are identified by a green banner. 

We are a Cashless Campus

Food locations on campus and the Transact Mobile App accept Debit, Credit, and Flex $ during the summer months, and TAMs during the academic year. Cash is no longer widely accepted as we transitioned to a cashless system on campus. 

Order Food Ahead

Conveniently order food ahead with a pickup time aligned with your schedule through the Transact Mobile App

Inspired Food

Food on campus is inspired by locally produced and international foods with menu options to support food allergies and special dietary requirements. With three dining halls, several unique proprietary concepts, and franchise food locations across campus, we take the hunger out of any craving. From a hearty dinner, quick wrap, an elaborate salad, or a campus baked sweet treat, 
we've got you covered. 

Menu options support food allergies and special dietary requirements

Most locations have options for vegan, vegetarian, Halal, gluten & dairy-free requirements and assist with dining provisions during cultural observances. 

We support safe dining options for you across campus. If you ever question whether you can eat a menu item due to an ingredient or food preparation process, we always encourage you to speak with a chef and 'Ask Before You Eat'. Cooking equipment, such as charbroilers, deep fryers, and flattops are shared at retail food locations. Upon request, meals can be produced on separate equipment in the back of house.  


What's is currently open on campus?

Look for the green banner. Red indicates locations that are currently closed. Check back for updates to our hours of operation. Click on the tags below to filter the list to only what interests you. 


Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am