Meal Plan Hacks

Our culinary team is committed to continuing to deliver an optimized dining experience. Residence Meal Plans will continue to offer 21 weekly meals. Check out these tips to maximize your meal plan!

Dining Hall Tips


Check What's Open

Before heading out for your next meal, see what’s open at our dining hall and retail food locations. 

Preview the Dining Hall Menus

See what the chefs are serving in advance to find your favourite meals before setting out on campus. What’s cooking!

Don’t miss a dining hall pop-up

We are always trying to add variety to the dining experience on campus. Don’t miss an event like our Bake Shop pop-ups, decorate your own desserts, BYO bars, and larger cultural events, including Lunar New Year, Holi, and Easter!

For all events, visit our Events Calendar! Got an idea for an event? Send us your feedback!

Grab an EXPRESS to-go meal

Instead of dining in for All-You-Care-to-Eat, preview the Today's Menu page and choose a warm full-sized EXPRESS to-go meal. See a dining hall cashier at Ban Righ, Leonard or Jean Royce to indicate your selection, and for a meal swipe they will get your selected entree and you will be on your way in no time.

Preview the fresh daily dishes made in advance on Today's Menu

Retail Tips


Use TAMs in Retail Food Locations

Eat at a retail food location for a combo meal by "trading-in” a dining hall meal swipe for one of your 250 meal plan TAMs. These are not additional meals added to your plan. You can use up to a maximum of four TAMs per day.

Order Ahead

Mobile ordering is available at most retail food locations across campus.

Download and use the Transact Mobile App to schedule a pickup time convenient to your timetable.

Mobile ordering accepts TAMs, Flex $, or credit card. 

Grab a Fresh TO GO Meal

Whether you are on west or main campus, consider grabbing ready-made salads, wraps, or healthy snacks available in Fresh TO GO coolers at: The Lazy Scholar, Location 21, MC2, Goodes Café, Wally's, The Library Café, Student Street Express, Jean Royce Barista, and Jean Royce dining hall at lunch.

You can choose to pay using TAMs, Flex $, or credit card. *Some locations accept meal swipes instead of TAM’s for Fresh to Go meals. Check the retail pages for Wally’s and Jean Royce dining hall for specific operational information!  

Pay With Flex $

Flex $ loaded on your student card acts as cash. Pay for snacks and meals on the go with the swipe of your card in all retail food service locations on campus.

Purchases will be deducted from the balance on your card, which you can top up at any time throughout the year in the Student Residence and Dining Portal

*Remember, most Hospitality locations no longer accept cash

Money Saving Tips

  • Save $0.25 each time by using your reusable cup (BYOC) for hot or cold fountain beverages. 
  • Save the $0.75 single-use container fee each time you bring your carabiner or GOOD TO GO container for exchange in retail locations. When using the Transact Mobile App, reminder to select “container” to ensure your meal is not packaged in a disposable container.

For updates and suggestions, please reach out to us through our We Heard You page!

Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am