Campus Catering Services

From casual catering to a more formal approach to hosting events on campus, we have you covered.  

When you chose to ‘Keep it on Campus’, you help strengthen our community. Events hosted on campus support the use of local products and services, create student employment, reduce the university’s carbon footprint, help you save money, and your funds get re-invested back in the overall student, faculty, and staff experience.  

Depending on the complexity of your needs and level of services required, we offer two catering options to help you ‘Keep it on Campus”. Hospitality Service’s Casual Catering is ideal for informal meetings and events, and the Event Services Coordination team will help guide you when your catering needs require a more detailed approach to hosting guests. 

Both catering services integrate menu options for guests with food allergies, special dietary needs, and cultural observance food preparation arrangements.  


Hospitality Casual Catering

Are you simply looking to compliment your meeting or event with catered food and beverage while independently handling all the other logistics? Place an online order with Hospitality Service’s Casual Catering through CaterTrax, and our food-service team will prepare and deliver your selected snacks, meals, and beverages. 

Please note that with the Casual Catering option, you will be responsible to:   

  • Provide food service tables  
  • Ensure access to the delivery destination  
  • Waste organization and disposal  
  • Space is set up for delivery of order  


Event Services Coordination & Catering

Does your event require more planning support, or perhaps hosting just isn’t your thing? 

Connect with an event coordinator with tailored support from a full spectrum of professional event management services. Let us help you secure the perfect venue, set up and tear down your event space, and manage all food and beverage specifics, full bar service logistics, and audio-visual enhancements.


Green Your Event

Why Choosing Queen’s Hospitality Services is the Greener Choice. The benefits of Keeping it on Campus.

  • We offer 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging as well as reusable dishware. Ask us how you can “Green Your Event.”

  • Local food purchasing is a top priority. In 2021-22, 42% of food was purchased within 500 km of campus and 67% within Canada

  • When applicable leftover food is made available to our community partners, PEACH Market, Soul Food, and Lionhearts to help support food insecurity in our community

  • We are a Fair Trade Campus, serving only Fairtrade certified coffee and a selection of teas and chocolate to support ethical sourcing

Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am